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    On Jun 8, 2006 Nipun wrote:

    Discussion notes from Wednesday ...

    • What do I believe? Accumulation of wealth is accumulation of sin.
    • Inconvenient Truth
    • This author hasn't lived in my neighbhorhood; it's hard to trust!
    • The problem of our times is values.
    • A felon is disallowed to vote for the rest of your life; assumes that once you make a mistake, you're not a good person.
    • What I am is more important than what I believe in.
    • I stayed with my friend for two days; another friend stayed in the same place and saw God. It's all about perspective.
    • You have earn your beliefs; you can't just believe.
    • By being who you are, you allow others a chance to be who they are.
    • If everyone gave, there wouldn't be homeless.
    • I wonder if this is true elsewhere? "southern hospitality"?
    • Was try to help three women who didn't speak much English. Cops pulls us over and asks, "Why I want to do good?"
    • Maybe it's my youth, but I believe in the optimism of the passage.
    • Person behind me paid for me at the grocery store when I forgot my wallet. Time and time again, good has always prevailed in my life.
    • Whatever I end up believeing will become true; but you have to truly believe it, can't fake it.
    • Can't project your belief to your kids; they have to find it themselves.
    • Lost our license during a family trip to Hawaii; the receptionist called her boyfriend at midnight to help. Bonanza of goodness.
    • My world is a projection of my own self; I gotta take full responsibility.
    • 'Inconvenient Truth' movie made me get a hybrid.
    • Life has made me a believer. Got a flat tire on 280 freeway and dear old man helped me out.
    • We are products of multiple circumstances and multiple realities; Heinlen starts with his neighbors, goes to towns people and goes to the whole race. We have to start with our corner of the world.
    • There has to be critical mass of people who believe in a particular for mass adoption of that practice.
    • People really need to know that others care about what they care about.
    • Of all the beliefs, you must believe in yourself first.
    • Best thing you can do for someone is to make them self-sustaining.
    • Goodness is an experience, not words.
    • Accumulation: there's needs and then wants; when you stick with your needs, you wants get taken care of.
    • I tend to be tragically optimistic; and I have been hurt by it.
    • Can't have good without bad.
    • X-men III: power of belief can carry you against all odds.
    • Played a game called "Would you rather?" Trust everyone or no one? Made us realize that without trust, our world would be horrible place to live.
    • I feel like I live like this guy's world; but you need critical mass.
    • I believe in openness; open heart opens doors.
    • 50 facts to change world -- give your phone number to five neighbors you don't know. Why not go a little farther and make 'em a meal?
    • At the end of the day, just do 10 pay-it-forward acts for every goodness you receive and humanity will be fine.

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