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    On Jun 6, 2006 Helmut wrote:

    Greetings, I enjoy 99% of your thoughts and meditation sharing, but this one stands out, or should I say, sits out? One of the great faults of the New Age movement ( of which I am an ardent member ), is naivete and denial. History books show us that human beings have left a trail of blood and mayhem whereve they have stepped. And those history books were written by the winners. Can you imagine what history would look like if the victims wrote the books? What Robert writes is probably true. We most likely will survive. We possibly will end up in the far reaches of space. But what's so special about that? We will leave behind a burned out planet and billions of impoverished who can't afford the trip. Truly, what is so different and special about that? Loving your neighbor has nothing to do with how good they are, but what kind of a person you are. It does not absolve you of any responsibllity in fully appreciating how dark this plane of existence truly is. Go ahead and shine your light, but don't forget that there would be no light if not for darkness. The two are inseparable. Believing anything else is pure denial. All the best, Helmut.

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