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    On Nov 16, 2015 Marc Dougherty wrote:

     Really good.. I am currently "recovering" from roughly two years of this "burnout" where after several years working in the investment management industry post-college, I somewhat woke up to the divine unity of all things and I decided to leave my career, in somewhat of a misunderstood and rebellious, renunciation of materialism and access.. only to find myself in on the other extreme where I was trying to give and practice acts of kindness and charity as I traveled without a stable home, working in a variety of un-paid volunteer positions, over the course of a two-year period, when I wasn't really able to take care of myself and meet all my needs. Thus my "giving" was coming from a place of lack and out a false and confused sense of nobility, as I was trying to "do-good." I was not able to give unconditionally, and have not been able to fully love in my relationships or interactions because I have not been taking care of myself during this time.  I am just now waking up to this after two years of being confused and am learning to take care of myself again, as I realize this is fundamental in any true giving.  Someone else commented This passage has the potential to save a lot of 'heartache' for a lot of 'givers'..IA part of me wants to say I wish I had read this passage two years ago.. But..then I wouldn't have had my adventure/future novel to depict all of my travels, couchsurfing, hitch-hiking and WWOOFing all around the world : )

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