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    On Jul 12, 2008 Maureen Flanagan wrote:

    I believe that we do have an amazing intuition but many a time so many people select to ignore those feelings. I read in a book once where a man went to board a plain but a dreadful feeling of doom came over him and he selected not to catch that flight. The plain crashed. How many of us have had dreams that have come true. How many time have you have about to pick up the phone and the phone rings and it is that very person whom you were about to ring. perhaps you hand't heard from them in ages. I believe it comes to you. I have had so many things happen like this. I wrote a book called Along the Way by Maureen Flanagan and there are many times when I have followed my intuition and I have written this in the book that wrote and published. I do act on my intuition because at times it is so strong and usually it is right that first decision I have made and not ignored. Sincerely, Maureen.

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