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    On Nov 11, 2015 Amy wrote:

     In reading this, many thoughts came to mind but the most predominant would be "that I burnout just about everyday"!  In speaking in "organic" terms, everything has "a life".  The tomatoes I planted in the Spring have done their duty for this season.  I've now pulled them up (roots and all) and will begin anew with a whole new plant next Spring.  For the trees in our yard, while they appear they "are finished", (it's an illusion) they are not.  The tree stays rooted ... It does not "move"... It keeps it's life ... But it's life is hidden.  
    When I burnout, I make like a wintered tree and keep my focus on my roots!  I can feel tired, finished ... Like this is it, but It is then I start "digging"!  Focus on the life (God) in me.  Perhaps I can't ... But, in Him, I CAN.  (And you CAN, too!)  God, like the roots His given us .... Seeks out the good stuff of the ground it's planted in!  Believe.

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