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    On Nov 8, 2015 david doane wrote:

    I can't give what I don't have.  I can pretend or try, and then I'm giving my pretending or trying.  I typically think of burnout as the result of not taking care of self, such as when I give to the other or take care of the other in a way that neglects my self.  Pretending and trying are ways of not taking care of myself and are tiring and eventually result in burnout.  When I give having some ulterior motive or because I think I should and I don't really feel it or have it in me, what I give is not genuine and I feel strained and tired and unhappy with myself, and the traps of such inorganic gifting have become clear to me.  The satisfaction of organic giving helps me continue to move toward more organic giving.  The Sufi poet Hafiz said that the sun gives so much to the earth and never says, "You owe me."  The sun is being sun, giving itself, giving what it is, not giving in order to provide light or heat or for any other purpose -- that's organic giving.  Keeping that in mind helps me move toward organic giving.  

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