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    On Apr 22, 2008 David wrote:

    I agree with Pope Paul VI, who said that if you want peace, work for justice. The strong individualist strain in American life ignores the social dimensions of peace and reduces peace to the development of a "beautiful soul." This attitude comes out in both religious and secular spirituality movements; Billy Graham, new age spirituality, and psychological therapy. Escape from social conflict may sound good, but it is not possible, especially when much of our abundance deprives the rest of the world of a decent standard of living. Peace comes from solid convictions about one's responsibilities to others, to the common good, to a more just distribution of wealth at home and abroad, a sustainable future for all, and a willingness to work in organizations devoted to these goals. In all of this, we can have "the peace that passes understanding," but it won't untroubled water. It will probably increase conflict as we become more engaged. There are very powerful forces that simply want to keep things going the way they are. I can only look on with horror at the consequences of that.

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