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    On Mar 12, 2008 supun wrote:

    A lot of times I tend to blame my family, schooling, work, government,etc for the stresses in my life. Reading this made me realize that sometimes I forget the utimate freedom I have in how I carry on my interactions/work/conversations/collaborations/observations. I even have the freedom to not choose how I go about doing something. Every stroke paint could be an oppurtunity to invent a new technique? While my friends and I were discussing this thought, I remembered a work book I came across called "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain". She tells people that the way we were taught to draw in classes were wrong (probably because they focus on the techniques and not about fostering the ablity to think creatively). Her work book has exercises that are more like "sit in front of the mirror and draw yourself. Do it for 3 hours. Try it again after the 5th lesson". She does go into different techniques that she uses or some of the techniques her students uses, but it's only as a 2ndary tool. It also made me think about how some endeavors like "end poverty" or "end hunger" sometimes/enevitably fail because these big movement sometimes get stuck on "the how". How to get food from places of abundance to places of scarcity is very hard. But if we do it a simple scale of sharing, maybe it can happen. Sharing not just our food or money, but also our different distrubtion techiniques and doing it as an iterative experiment to find the right techinique for the right situation and creating a versatility to be able to change modes of operation as time goes on. I also think we see something about the need to for get being stuck on following a singular recipe in movies like "The Matrix" or when Yoda keeps remiding the freedom fighters to "Use the Force".

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