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The Phenomenon of Boredom, by MJ Ryan

FaceBook  On Mar 17, 2009 sue wrote:
How this world of instant gratification there is no patience for waiting/working for and appreciating what you receive at the end of your wait/efforts.

In Giving I Connect With Others, by Isabel Allende

FaceBook  On Aug 5, 2008 sue wrote:
how wonderful to be able to be so generous after losing your daughter like that. the world would be a better place if more people thought like this.....about giving...not getting. Brilliant.

Living With Radical Honesty, by Brad Blanton

FaceBook  On Jul 29, 2008 sue wrote:
Yes I see the point. It is true that we worry about what others think of us most of the time, altho it can be less worrisome as you get older and realise that it doesn't matter in the great scheme of things. But..what about the 'lie' that is NOT doing what your little selfish ego says do now, and doing what is best for all involved? Being aware of the now that is self centred or mean or vindictive and NOT doing it. Am I getting confused here?

Power of Blessing, by Rachel Naomi Remen

FaceBook  On Jan 22, 2008 sue wrote:
How true, doing little things for people is uplifting, being honest when you've been given too much change is uplifting, smiling at people and saying hello is uplifting. These little things make everyone feel good.

The Greatest Danger Before You, by Granny D

FaceBook  On Nov 20, 2007 zookro wrote:
WOW! This is so true. We left behind all that 'consumerism' years ago, but it's evident in our children, some of whom cannot just wear clothes and footwear but MUST wear a label or they are not 'complete' and not an inexpensive label either! I remember being horrified at 1 of our children spending 100 on a pair of jeans a few years ago. I want a whole outfit for that money. I just hope they realise eventually that possessions do not bring happiness and just tie you to the treadmill.

Do-Nothing Cultivation, by Masanobu Fukuoka

FaceBook  On Nov 13, 2007 zookro wrote:
How true! Esp with the over-education of children these days. Some parents are so busy making sure their children DO everything: tennis, swimming, music etc etc that the children have no time just to be children AND the parents are exhausted running them around and working and running a home. Crazy. I am a older person (hehehe) but when I was a child our parents just let us get on with whatever was our interest...not push us into some 'hot house' scenario. I've met adults who also think that every waking moment should be 'busy' or 'productive' for various reasons of their own. Balance is the answer, moderation in all things.

The Opportunity Aging Offers, by Ram Dass

FaceBook  On Aug 28, 2007 sue wrote:
Good on you 55 I don't either! Many people do feel despairing and that their 'audience' has dwindled and they become bitter and hateful. I feel sorry for them. It should be a time of freedom and not worrying about how things seem or were. But many see the 'audience' just become more selected as friends and acquaintances are always being nurtured. As I get older I do not want to spend my time with people who do not reciprocate, and that can include family! So good friends are very important. Some people do not stop growing on their journey...but some do just waste their final decades.

Integrity Grows From A Humbling Realization, by Mark Gerzon

FaceBook  On Aug 8, 2006 sue wrote:
wow, how true............can someone points this out to the 'partisans' of the current Middle East conflict????

To Transcend: Observe Cause and Effect, by Dan Millman

FaceBook  On Jul 11, 2006 sue wrote:
How true that most people think of themselves and their world first, (the 1980s has a lot to answer for!)And the current 'celebrity' frenzy, where shallow people prostitute themselves for their 15 minutes of fame is sickening. It's all 'what's in it for me', good old GBS.....if we could only think like that all the time...what a wonderful world it would be!