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Where We Are Is Our Temple, by Jack Kornfield

FaceBook  On Dec 27, 2017 Elizabeth wrote:

 I remind myself that whenever I get reactive, it is a time to work and pay attention more fully to what is transpiring. It is a chance to go inward, inquire into what is getting triggered, work with the defensiveness, feel my feelings and try to get to the unmet need that is behind my feelings. Often, a lot is revealed. Sometimes it is simple and has a historical antecedent, and it is just old wounds getting rubbed again.When compassion for myself arises, freedom comes, or the needed action becomes clear, or something else. The compassion isn't just for myself then, it erases boundaries and arises as a kind of warmth that spreads outwards and includes what is out there. Sometimes that is difficult people too....


You Play the Piano, by Alan Watts

FaceBook  On Feb 21, 2017 Elizabeth Russell wrote:

 Wow, a person after my own heart! I too am a Renaissance person with many interests, talents, and directions. I am so glad to hear I am not alone. I have felt alone in the past, and suffered from feeling like a "dilletante". Barbara Sher's book, Refuse to Choose, was really helpful. I so appreciate your point of view. Following my interest has been a way to enter deeply into life. Enjoy learning, exploring, discovering.

Thank you! I wish we could talk!