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In Giving I Connect With Others, by Isabel Allende

FaceBook  On Nov 26, 2013 Carol wrote:

 I have re-read your comment many times and each time I have hope it will be permanently etched into my memory. A great message, well said. Thank you.


Receiving Each Day as an Invitation, by John O'Donohue

FaceBook  On Nov 11, 2013 Carol wrote:

 Take each day one at a time and live in the now - the present moment.


The Surprising Truth of Sufficiency, by Lynne Twist

FaceBook  On Nov 8, 2013 Carol wrote:

 While going through a number of surgeries over a period of two years I discovered I had a sufficiency of positive being to overcome the physical, emotional and spiritual challenges presented. I am grateful for my kind, supportive husband; my giving brother and sister-law; my loving sisters, brother and friends - all who encouraged me to find my own way through the challenges and letting me know they were there when and if I needed assistance.