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We Are Swimming in Miracles, by Peter Kalmus

FaceBook  On Apr 2, 2017 Virginia wrote:

Material things can be lost.  Good memories and experiences are yours to treasure whenever you choose.  It truly is little items that make a difference - recognize and acknowledge them.  They are the miracles surrounding us all the time.


The Value of Solitude, by William Deresiewicz

FaceBook  On May 22, 2016 Virginia wrote:

 For those who find being alone difficult, start with creating an escape room in your mind, a quiet place to retreat to now and then.  Use whatever stimuli you wish - or nothing at all.  From there it may be easier to enjoy true solitude.  Like others, I need my own time and space to feel centered. 


Sufficiency is Not Abundance, by Lynne Twist

FaceBook  On Feb 19, 2016 Virginia Reeves wrote:

 Abundance to me consists of having gratitude for what you have and what you are inside.  Sufficiency gets you enough and a bit more.  I think it's a matter of attitude and perspective. You are right Lynne when you state that when you take what you have and use it for good - it will expand. 


Being Connected Within, by Jon Kabat-Zinn

FaceBook  On Sep 18, 2015 Virginia wrote:

Well states Jon - we need to be more aware of ourselves in order to provide better relationships and service to others.  I am NOT a believer in being technologically connected all the time.   One-on-one with true listening is needed more than ever.