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The River Cannot Go Back, by Kahlil Gibran

FaceBook  On May 26, 2020 Vicky wrote:
It's about what Identity means. How do we define ourselves? What labels do we attach to ourselves that make us who we are? Am I a river? If I'm a river, how can I be an ocean? I've always been a river. I know these banks, those rocks, these fish. What lies ahead is unfamiliar, and I'm afraid.
If we can separate ourselves from our perceived identity, we can become closer to a feeling of belonging to this unknown, of being a part of a whole, of being connected to the great Mystery. The river surrenders who she thinks she is and becomes unified with All.

When My Life Is In Danger, by Christina Feldman

FaceBook  On Nov 5, 2019 V wrote:
Compassion, to me, is opening wide, accepting what is without judgment, being present in love to whatever, whoever, while at the same time feeling the desire to relieve the suffering of another. In my life, compassion is active; I try to be in gratitude for all of my blessings so that I have an abundance of blessings to give to others. Even if it's only a smile or a kind word, I see the responding answer and I am blessed again.