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My Misgivings About Advice, by Parker Palmer

FaceBook  On Jan 19, 2017 Victoria Fabling wrote:

 Yes, I like this.  I witnessed a lady ranting in a care home tonight, and I was aware of the beauty and caring of those around her who just let her rant, let her clear her demons (is what it seemed like to me).


The Glass is Already Broken, by Stephen and Ondrea Levine

FaceBook  On Oct 27, 2016 Victoria Fabling wrote:

 I do this, the living as if I were already dead, with events which otherwise would be pregnant with expectation. I have had my fair share of being hurt by my best friends finding new best friends, and so now I enjoy, really enjoy the seconds I may spend with a stranger.  I am deliberately choosing a new way of behaving inside and out.


The Surrender Experiment, by Michael Singer

FaceBook  On Jul 24, 2015 Victoria Fabling wrote:

 Hi Michael, I liked your article.  It is timely as I am putting the finishing touches on my book Speaking Universal which shows how to tune into the Universal mind before applying will, so that the Universe or person or plant can get ready to receive your conversation or plan to prune (or not:). Sometimes we sense a pulling energy from a person or a pet saying "tend to my needs, I am more important than you" and quite rightly, if you Speak Universal, you will say "no."  If you would like me to send a couple of chapters, let me know.  All the best, Victoria (Fabling) from the UK. 


Frying the Seeds of Anger, by Swami Vivekananda

FaceBook  On Nov 8, 2012 Victoria Fabling wrote:
 When it comes to frying some emotions so I don't become them, I first of all decided as a child which ones I could embrace totally and let go, and which ones to keep at arm's length.   This is part of a maturing process, and I would love the opportunity to sit in a circle with some young children and ask them to draw the emotions which cause a ripple of goodness and which ones to notice, but put back on the shelf.  Why?  because letting them inhabit us and get bigger inside causes a buzzing which is unpleasant to our body and head and everyone around us ... we then have to calm down again, which all seems exhausting.  Best not to go there.  I expect most children have had this experience and have also had the experience of being so happy they jump up and down with excitement.

You Carry Your Wound, by Osho

FaceBook  On Dec 4, 2010 Victoria wrote:

I think it is important to notice that sometimes we are keeping the wrong sort of company, maybe family members who are disfunctional.  In these circumstances it is important to be internally strong and when given the chance - choose a new way of life and right company.  This is what I had to do anyway.