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Giving and Receiving, by Jaggi Vasudev

FaceBook  On Feb 16, 2011 Vaibhav Vinayaka wrote:

Taking seems to be easy, but actually it is harder to be a taker. The one who is at the receving end is always indebted to the one who gives. The world seems to be lighter for those who open their heart and give every thing.

The one who has nothing, does not have anything to loose. So the more you give the less troubled you are.


If You Really Pay Attention, by Paula Underwood

FaceBook  On Sep 23, 2009 Vaibhav vinayaka wrote:

one must not  hear just the word but also the sense he wants to say

words are not enough to express oneself but the tuning up of the mind can

convey the message

when one don't have tuning of hearts with others one must not waste his

and counter parts time as well.




Maintaining Vision, While Focusing, by Ajahn Thanasanti

FaceBook  On Sep 16, 2009 vaibhav wrote:

hence this is truly said

With small target completed, one gets a lot

(much in magnitude than a big target)


Hence one should have small focus

which gets one to the desired goal