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Frying the Seeds of Anger, by Swami Vivekananda

FaceBook  On Nov 8, 2012 ummed wrote:
 Passion and Anger used interchangeabily seems wrong. Passion is a holistic positive state, while anger is uncontrolled state. Passion should be nurtured and life be alligned to it more and more. Passion is individual colour of soul in each Jivatma. While anger need to be fried in seed state.

A Spiritual Conspiracy, by Author Unknown

FaceBook  On Jul 24, 2012 Ummed wrote:
 I have read this many times and love to read it again and again. What a beautiful subtle message of love workers, working from bottom of heart

Song of the Soul, by Kahlil Gibran

FaceBook  On Apr 6, 2012 Ummed wrote:
 power of the subtle, sensitivity of finest sensor, most fragrant, , , , , ,

Stand In the Tragic Gap, by Parker Palmer

FaceBook  On Nov 6, 2011 Ummed Nahata wrote:

 i have been thinking ways to transform india for many years. nurturing step by step and now seen it happening. in transformed india i see a new beautiful world emerging. our light values are oneness evolutionary and joyful. way is joyful cooperation with oneness and evolving it continuously. thanks and with all love in universe.