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Balancing Vision and Routine, by Bhikkhu Bodhi

FaceBook  On Jun 10, 2011 Travis Eneix wrote:

Awesome!  I really appreciated the reminder that when we let one of these endeavors overshadow the other we create dysfuntion in life.  Spend too much time in daily routine and you lose all creativity and life becomes gray.  Spend all your time dreaming of what could be and you abandon the maintenance of your life.

I find it helpful to have these two aspect reinforce each other.  I can use my golas for the future to inform my current acctions, and make a routine action of re-visiting my goals.

Thanks for the fantastic piece!

~ Travis


The Test for Meditation in Action, by Shinzen Young

FaceBook  On May 4, 2011 Travis wrote:

I don't find "no-self" to mean no "I am."  Quite the oppsite actually.  In my experience it is reduced somewhat to "Am", but material existence does not depart when identification as an existing form goes.  Once the walls of the lie of identifying as a separate individual self collapse the existing form is free to actually live this life.  There is no loss of this life when it is seen that this life is not the sum total of what we truly are.


The Test for Meditation in Action, by Shinzen Young

FaceBook  On May 3, 2011 Travis wrote:

Great piece.  But, I think the term "super-adult" is a bit generous.  Most people simply never make it to adult. They remain children with lots of experience and perhaps some hard won wisdom.  Actual adults are few and far between.  As much in the world of spiritual seekers as elsewhere.