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The Liminal Space, by Heather Platt

FaceBook  On Feb 20, 2020 Ruby wrote:
DEL, you have a nice space, I hope you mean the vast space in the Universe, not your personal space, and the truth all around you.

The Liminal Space, by Heather Platt

FaceBook  On Feb 20, 2020 Ruby wrote:
That muslim is so ugly, a rotten face, that it depresses me so much because I like beauty, and go and read about beauty what i had written before on this forum!!!!

The Liminal Space, by Heather Platt

FaceBook  On Feb 20, 2020 RUBY wrote:
Well, when i see things around in my world in a helpless state and ugly, i become depressed and helpless. For example, the muslim terrorist shah ruk khan makes a lot of money in bolleywood, but that depresses me to the point to think how duimb Indians can be to promote an enemy of your own country. Idiot indians!!!

Beauty Is The Very Nature Of The Kosmos, by Ken Wilber

FaceBook  On Dec 17, 2019 RUBY wrote:
Beauty is a virtue. Everything beautiful in the world, that is, mountains, white sandy beaches, flowers, birds, butterflies, plants, cities, women, kids, etc, makes a person profoundly happy, complete, and sense of belonging to some virtuous place in the universe. On the other hand, being among ugly things everyday can make a person very depressed and can cause even death through severe depression. Ugly looking things represent all the negatives in live. Women are beautiful! I cherish all the beautiful things God created that is why I transitioned into a beautiful girl!!!! That is a deep spiritual side of me.

Too Many Names, by Pablo Neruda

FaceBook  On Dec 11, 2019 RUBY wrote:
I have changed physical body and my legal name to go with it. . I have had many names people called me and know me by. After all, what is in a name? Instead, look at the nature of heart of a person, not name. 

Do You Remember Your Song?, by Alan Cohen

FaceBook  On Dec 3, 2019 Ruby wrote:
Although i sing many songs on my guitar, my favorite song "Somewhere over the rainbow by IZ. This song makes me feel it is some intergral part of me. When I listen it, I feel like my father (dead) is singing to me from the skies and i am alone on a tiny tropical island in the South Pacific!!!

When Light Shines, Darkness Becomes The Light, by Thich Nhat Hanh

FaceBook  On Sep 25, 2019 RUBY wrote:
Thought provoking! True, darkness does become light only if when light arrives. However, light never become darkness. Darkness is always waiting for light to go away to manifest itself. So, it seems light is the stronger force that always conquers darkness. Without light, there would be no lives, no plants, no energy, no vision.That is about the physical light and darkness outside around me.
I used to meditate in the bushes and mountains a lot few years back. The darkness inside of me becomes light when I am happy for no reason. In the midst of a storm, i am calm, observing myself from far distance in the space, not sure from within this galaxy or another. I observe all my thoughts, aspirations, my existence, my body, my place in this universe. In eternity, somewhere in this vast universe, there I am alone, not wanting to know what i am doing there, why i am there; just enjoying that brief moment which will expire on its own.

Song Of The Birds, by David G. Haskell

FaceBook  On Sep 17, 2019 RUBY wrote:
What a disgusting piece of writing. It is also written in quran to kill every one who does not believe in quran. God would not be so narrow minded and asking for destruction and violence.

Hard Times Require Furious Dancing, by Alice Walker

FaceBook  On Sep 11, 2019 RUBY wrote:
Life cannot be joyful all the time. Suffering and pain is unavoidable. I try to dance away my misfortunes. It is equally rewarding to experience losses. I grow, become deeper in perspective, appreciate the paradoxes, and become complete. I am fearless, courageous to have transitioned from a man into a beautiful women. I have lived in luxury, as well as slept in the mountains without a blanket in freezing cold, crying to God is that all the suffering there is? Having lived as a man, now as a woman, I discriminate against none, I am like God, I have a complete experience of a life and a person in many and any form!. Unlike others, I am not going to die with half experience. In the process, I have come to understand society the best since it has to treat me in new ways they never understand! Some get deeply enlightened and inspired to broaden their own existence before they perish = they are ready to dance. Some run away in hate, animosity, or to protect their squirrel hole because it is too challenging to their preset minds. I leave my genes behind. The old backward world is going away, and the 5G technology society is shaping. So dance and welcome it.

Grateful For Nothing, by Gregg Krech

FaceBook  On Aug 14, 2019 Ruby wrote:
Being grateful for nothing takes a deep connection with the Creator. Some people like the terrorist or jihadists believe that every one else should be killed because it is written in their book and are grateful for nothing. They kill one animal to offer to the Creator, only to make the Creator angry for destroying its creation. This is so disgusting. How can I be grateful for these evil minded? I am grateful to the Creator that i am grateful that we have such evil people who are grateful to do destruction and live with selfish motives. This means, or amounts to, that I am grateful for nothing.

Causes Of Happiness, by Dalai Lama

FaceBook  On Jun 12, 2019 Ruby(Triza L wrote:
By the way, the accounting entries in that karmic bank account are also done by the forces of nature. Those forces are called Ruby's accountants, or Ruby's judicial effect

Causes Of Happiness, by Dalai Lama

FaceBook  On Jun 12, 2019 RURUBY(Triza Laxmi Aurora) wrote:
Wow, so beautifully said by THE DALAI LAMA, I have almost nothing left to say. Could not agree more, and is irrefutable!! I will be a fool! However, I will make an attempt to expand on it. Just like the number system runs infinitely into opposite directions of positives and negatives, so is the possibilities of a persons thoughts, actions, and, thus, choices. It is the individual mind and person. Everybody's Karmic bank account with the Creator is not a joint account, but an individual one, it is up to a person how much one deposits or withdraws from it. Everybody's Karma is independent, personal, and very individual. The more one deposits, the bigger positive balance on the account, the more happy one is. These things work by forces of nature. I think that is what DALAI has put down, that is, love and compassion are just among the extreme positives on the number line, or so to speak.

Stepping Over The Bag Of Gold, by Rachel Naomi Remen

FaceBook  On May 28, 2019 RUBY wrote:
Worth exploring a wolf in sheep's clothing among the sheeps

Stepping Over The Bag Of Gold, by Rachel Naomi Remen

FaceBook  On May 28, 2019 Ruby(Triza Laxmi Aurora) wrote:
These days they advice not to touch any unattended bags because the terrorists may have left a bomb inside it, from the EVIL side of our world. Goddess is not a fool to give when she knows someone is not ready to receive, she has much more intelligence than that. Goddess is beautiful inside to outside! Some are so dumb not to see that. Goddess does not play with her kindness. Goddess does make miracles if somebody is totally helpless but believes in goodness rather than evil. It is the terrorists who always give (a nasty/evil surprise gift) when some are not ready to receive it. That is how dumb, selfish, cruel, ugly, stinking dirty, low lifers terrorists and their believes are. Don't be that fish who explores that bait on the hook and becomes a victim. I see the beauty of my Goddess in every experience, that beauty I behold in me!

Uncomfortable Place Of Uncertainty, by Margaret Wheatley

FaceBook  On May 21, 2019 Ruby(Triza Laxmi Aurora) wrote:
Curious? I was born curios with a a big question mark on my forehead about everything as behind that question mark, inside my brain was all empty, void of all knowledge, wisdom, and experiences. I took my first breath and cried to know everything to fill, or rather grow, that empty mind. Intuitively, I had this weird idea, as a kid, that girls had their vagina at the back. Don't laugh please. I had weird ideas about everything! That the world was not round, but countries were on top of each other, on flat lands. Aha, there I am! Having born on a tiny island in Fiji, in the southern hemisphere of our planet, my life had the best experience of things. What it felt like to play for my national soccer team against Australia, or to make my own bamboo raft to adventure in the sea alone between islands, and so on. Then. I moved to the northern hemisphere of our planet to experience life on the "other half" of my world. Life on a huge continent is also full of experiences, or, maybe death was a possibility in my time in the US army. I am very dumb to have worked at stanford University, very uncomfortable place for me to be, So, I went to San Leandro mountains for a two week retread, only realized I could have been eaten by mountain lion when I came back with my sleeping bag. All my curiosity made me enough insane to experience and know everything to fill that empty brain I started with . What I cannot experience in my real life, I do it in my dreams. To experience the "other half", I became whole!! Hope my son gets it.

Do You Direct Your Mind Or Does Your Mind Direct You?, by Yogi Bhajan

FaceBook  On May 20, 2019 Ruby(Triza Laxmi Aurora) wrote:
Penetrate could also mean penetrating the Virgina, or deep into the earth, deep space, or deep anything

Do You Direct Your Mind Or Does Your Mind Direct You?, by Yogi Bhajan

FaceBook  On May 16, 2019 Ruby(Triza Laxmi Aurora) wrote:
Yes, the Creator has given to each one of us a moment only and the freedom to think a thought that moment and freedom to act on that thought. A moment in hand is the only that each one truly owns, nothing else! All actions come from a thought. A thought is the only secret a person owns until it is made known to others. Everything you see when you walk on sidewalk, ie, the houses, the roads, the electric poles & wiring, the traffic signs, the flower gardens, etc are somebody's thought! You are seeing a thought.. A moment at hand is what a person truly owns because the next breath or moment is not guaranteed. If the next moment does not come, the person does not even own the body or mind! Likewise, next day, next month, or next year may not come since even an hour does not happen at once in a snap of time but it is made of several moments at a time. A person can control the mind because a person can challenge a thought or choose not act on it. True, mind has to be trained since the brain creates channels and memories, but the process is same as controlling it. The mind never stops thinking! The only time I enjoy my thoughts and let it happen with actions is when I am dreaming. I dream I am flying over mountains, clearly seeing the trees rivers, farms, animals, people below. I fly over the ocean seeing down below the huge blue ocean, the white sandy beaches. Sometimes I dream I see coconuts on a tree and like to pick it, sometimes a beautiful ripe bunch of mangoes on top of the tree, I fly and pick those fruits much to the amazement of the people below! Somestimes a lion or dog is chasing me, as soon as it is about to catch me, i take to flight! What an experience my mind gives me! I will never enjoy that in real life, but when I wake up I remember every detail and I feel I just really did that. That is my mind! So open like the universe itself!