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Tell Me Your Story, by Dan Gottlieb

FaceBook  On Sep 10, 2008 phuong wrote:
I find inspiration from Shinkichi Takahashi in this matter... Words I don't take your words Merely as words. Far from it. I listen To what makes you talk- Whatever that is And me listen.

Living at the Right Speed, by Carl Honore

FaceBook  On Feb 6, 2007 phuong wrote:
As a person interested in and training in somatic therapies, I like to turn my reflections toward what's being lived in my body. I notice that when I rush at work, I walk with my head far ahead of my body. At airports, I notice this same pattern in others. When my head is jutted far ahead of my chest and legs, I seem to act more aggressively and with a narrower focus. When lucky, I have a moment to gather my breath and slow my gait. My head then sits on top of my chest. As I breathe more fully, my head becomes connected to my heart and my belly. At this juncture, I have the full intelligence of my gut, my heart, and my brain working together. My decisions and acts are more coherent. I feel whole again. I love Honore's reference-- "tempo giusto"-- to music. In Plum Village, I had the honor of hearing Thay Thich Nhat Hanh say, "When you are mindful, the act of breathing is like playing the violin." In that spirit, let us make music!