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I Will Not Die an Unlived Life, by Dawna Markova

FaceBook  On Aug 4, 2008 smav wrote:
As i sit here in my office, relecting and mediating on this passage, I can only thank God who lives in me for that's where my answer will be also.For a moment there, i was just troubled, too many emotions, too many considerations to make...but such healing words urge you on to take the leap, it says go on jump for your life, don't be scared, whatever the outcome, its not in vain-you wouldn't have known, dont bee too pleasing, you only have one life 7 that's to live it to the fullest. Right now, i've found teh answer, it may seem selfish to others, but thank God, I'm looking inwards, and this is what i see " Only God is the limit", Don't be scared to make that desicion, that's my inner man crying, oh i'm so everjoyed, i'm freeing my soul right now, today, for anyone who will hurt along with my decision-please forgive me Lord, let them find peace once more for i've found mine. I love you people, i love life, i love evrything Good. Be blessed

A True Leader, by Dee Hock

FaceBook  On Aug 4, 2008 Smav wrote:
I think we are all leaders in some sense, we can only draw a line on what lead role we choose, whether a leader or a follower, all power & sense of being whatever should e induced from within, not compelled by any force, however in life we tend to take follower as serventhood, believing that the leader is better equiped to think for teh follower, which is very wrong-there comes in a self-exerted compelling force which you either deny its a serving spirit at all costs. Dee Hock, i'd really love to get a comprehensive copy of this eye opening article. Moreover i'd like to get your thoughts in relation to Religious leadership, walking according to laws and how all these relate to this article.