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Honor the Seed, by Jim Ewing

FaceBook  On Sep 4, 2013 Tanja wrote:

For me, being mindful of the seeds of my thoughts and words must begin in meditation, in contemplating the fruits of what I thought and said and did today, in my daily sittings. From here, slowly but steadily, I hope to learn how to cultivate more carefully the seeds of a larger future.

For a faithless gardener like me who struggles to believe even in the seeds I plant in the beginning of spring, in a pleasant climate with adequate food and nutrition (and to be sure, plenty of support from the garden centre), it is indeed a challenge to truly have faith that I can be a wise custodian of the seeds I plant for seven generations hence.

What a useful, mind blowing way to consider thoughts, words and deeds - thank you and in gratitude for creating this opportunity to be in conversation about this.


The Gentlest Thing in the World, by Byron Katie

FaceBook  On May 14, 2013 Tanja wrote:

Just yesterday i went to a meeting of three colleagues, one gentle and two very dominant in the conversation. Usually I struggle with how to combat their forceful natures and find myself becoming strident or controlling (and later, exhausted), but instead yesterday I decided to simply let the sparring and rising clamour wash over me, to sit back and see what I could learn. I am still struggling with how to find my authentic place in these kinds of seemingly overpowering exchanges, but what I did see yesterday is that at least when I am open and ready to learn, I can begin to observe myself to change for the better from an authentic, and surrendered place. This piece helped to affirm that I was on the right track, rather than that I had failed to 'win' as my ego was telling me. Thank you.