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Daily Life of Art, by Nina Wise

FaceBook  On Apr 20, 2010 Tanis Day wrote:

 Notice that the negative inner voices always speak in the third person. They address us as 'you'. They always say unkind, unsupportive or bullying things. It is easy to relate to these inner voices as parasites. Like a virus or bacteria that is bad for our bodies, these negative 'you' parasites are bad for our psyches and spirits. So treat them like an 800 number that's trying to get something from you you don't need or want, and ignore them! Listen deeper for the loving, kind supportive inner voice that cheers you on and speaks with simplicity and wisdom. Thanks!


Contemplation Vs. Social Change, by Brother David Steindl-Rast

FaceBook  On Sep 29, 2009 Tanis wrote:

When we work contemplatively, we are working in the energy field of unity consciousness. This is related to the power of prayer to effect change. When we work in social activism, we are working in the physical plane to effect change in the material world. We must change both to change the world. This is called sacred activism - working both inwardly and outwardly - to embody unity consciousness and the higher energies of spirit in the world.