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There Is Just One Thing To Do, by Byron Katie

FaceBook  On Aug 23, 2020 Swara wrote:
Today I heard the passage and didn't read it. It was so beautiful to hear that. So first of all thank you for that. And just that life can be so simple :) Just beautiful.

Pilgrim In The Open Shore, by Pancho Ramos Stierle

FaceBook  On Aug 6, 2019 Swara wrote:
Brother Pancho,

Such beautiful words. Lots of love.

Creating Welcoming Space, by Sister Marilyn Lacey

FaceBook  On Jan 6, 2015 Swara wrote:

The first thought that comes to me is - there is so much more that I can do. There is so much more love that I can put. I am thinking of the moments when I was welcomed with a big heart by known and unknown friends. I feel so encouraged to create a warm space in my heart and home. 


The Shambhala Warriors' Weapons, by Dugu Choegyal

FaceBook  On Jun 5, 2013 swara wrote:

 I am really trying to understand what is Compassion?


Processing Anger With An Open Heart, by John Robbins and Ann Mortifee

FaceBook  On Feb 20, 2013 swara wrote:
Rekhadidi, Thank you very much for sending us the Hindi translations. We get a big non-english speak group. The Hindi translations just works so well for us. 

Why Do Social Work?, by J. Krishnamurti

FaceBook  On Jan 24, 2012 Swara wrote:
 The seed questions for reflection are my questions. In fact a lot of external actions for me are restricted because of lack of clarity inside. If I sit is silence I get overwhelmed by the fact that I am sitting in silence. If I think and do something good, I count on my credits. So I try and not acknowledge it, but that is also not facing it. How can it happen effortlessly and be a way of life (very simple, which is not a big deal, but a very normal way of life which in itself takes us forward in the journey and the knowledge of it doesn't overwhelm). 

A Spiritual Conspiracy, by Author Unknown

FaceBook  On Nov 28, 2011 Swara wrote:

This is superb. Thank you. 


Untested Simplicity of the Villages, by Ram Dass

FaceBook  On Sep 14, 2010 Swara wrote:

This has exactly been my experience and had shared in one of the Wednesday meditations. I stayed in a remote place for almost a one and a half years. And had liked that place a lot for its simplicity, closeness to nature etc. But while my stay there I realized all this wasn't valued by the people there. Given a choice mostly everyone would want to transform the space into a city. So the space wasn't the reflection of the mindset of people.