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Fool Realization, by Steve Bhaerman

FaceBook  On Oct 6, 2011 Susan Lovejoy wrote:

" Ideas turn into reality, or facts, all the time. Look around we would see a good percentage of our reality were merely ideas before"



There is no-thing but ever-changing energy ...   I claim that whether defined as an idea or 'reality', this energy  is only different in its form, and I would argue that it is the dynamic idea-form could never be described as "only" when without the idea, no-thing could ever transform into the aggregation of atoms and molecules which we consider 'reality'. .... and this constantly changes form to become some other no-thing ...

Since we keep eternally learning and to claim anything as cold hard fact/reality is the joke we play on ourselves.  So too, must our spiritual beliefs be open to questioning and revision as we grow in spirit.


Fool Realization, by Steve Bhaerman

FaceBook  On Oct 4, 2011 Susan wrote:

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Steve/Swami/

Being "foolish" is one of the bravest and most powerful act we can commit in our lives:  to accept the fact that we are powerful beings, in charge of our own reality and  keeps us from being reactionary instead of PROactive.  It's not for nothing that the "Fool" in the king's court was one of the most powerful beings of his entourage.  He was the only one who could tell truth to power and keep on living.  We are always choosing to frame (create) our own reality and "understanding the cosmic joke" and laughing along with it is one of the most important keys to good health.  Might I recommend Rob Breszny's site:   and his book "Pronoia is the antidote for paranoia"