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Indigenous Intelligence, by Satish Kumar

FaceBook  On Nov 5, 2008 susan beryl andreassend wrote:
Satish Kumar..The wisdom of your mother's is timeless..and the jain story she told you,,is how I see the world today for us,,unless all humanity with hugh wealth in their hands,,"Wake UP" to who we really are one being/in many forms.!!! Thank you very,very much your story,,,I have save it maybe for later use,,with your permission first of course...sincerely susan The Secret dvd.....awakening...seshat/emerald tablets/

The Japanese Word, Mu, by Robert Pirsig

FaceBook  On Oct 23, 2008 susan beryl andreassend wrote:
In-reply, to Ganoba Date's post.........Oct 21st 2008................Thank You..I cannot say it any better, than the words you relationship to the following statement.."I am the Spirit of "seshat""Frequency carrier of the emerald tablet's",that were the base for The Secret DvD. created by Rhonda Byrne in 2006. My Home Powerful>>>>>>> this makes no sense what I have just said,,Please go and read the above mentioned post from Ganoba Date. Namaste to you who are reading this at this moment.