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Keep No Accounts With Love, by Mikhail Naimy

FaceBook  On Sep 14, 2017 Sudhir P wrote:

 One can truly know what love is only when one fully realizes that love is one's own nature. Only then can the person "naturally" see everyone & every situation through that core, through that lens. Until then "love" is like any other emotion that comes & goes based on conditions & situations.


Is There Righteous Anger Ever?, by J. Krishnamurti

FaceBook  On May 30, 2017 Sudhir. P. wrote:

 Anger is a manifestation of emotional energy. The challenge is to channel it productively & not reactively.Protecting one's family or the exploited is righteous. Waging a war to stop a tyrant can be righteous. But, these actions need not arise out of anger, which is but a reaction. Rather, they could arise out of an objective & considered decision.