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Spiritual Materialism, by Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche

FaceBook  On Jan 14, 2020 4Everblooming wrote:
Thank you for writing this open article that has made me delve a little deeper into my reaction to my own ego involvement when discussing spiritual matters. Somehow, I get a gut feeling of, almost, shame when I start trying to impress others. I recognize it immediately as being inauthentic in my self and in others. I consider it a lack in my own spiritual growthand then deeply regret participating in ego driven conversations. My "Authenticity" warning is a gut feeling.

Restoring Balance and Meaning in Ourselves, by Alan Briskin

FaceBook  On Nov 16, 2016 S.L.Klemke wrote:

 Your explanation gave me a deeper understanding of the article.  Thank you.


Forgotten Art of Deep Listening, by Kay Lindahl

FaceBook  On Jan 22, 2015 4everblooming wrote:

A quiet interested open mind seems to absorb.  It is deep listening. I am working on getting to that deep listening place much more often. Each day I think "today I will listen carefully and with respect".