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Die Empty, by Todd Henry

FaceBook  On Jun 9, 2021 Shyam Gupta wrote:
To "Die Empty " is to die with no regrets of unfulfilled agenda, with no pending plans. This is possible when , after careful and deep evaluation , wehave arrived at our main purpose in life and when wehave fully spent all my energy, time and focus in that pursuit.
It is our inner self, our intuition, out gut feeling, which keeps on guiding us. We just need to quieten ourselves and listen to it and then pursue it whole heartedly.

Now I Become Myself, by May Sarton

FaceBook  On Oct 21, 2020 Shyam Gupta wrote:
How Can I live in the present , in a way that I live my true authentic self, no pretenses or people pleasing efforts.. My work, My love, My Time , My face. Slowly and intensely growing like a plant and dying as graciously as a ripened fruit, fertile, detached and after having lived a life well spent.

We're Voting With Our Attention, by Leah Pearlman

FaceBook  On Oct 14, 2020 Shyam Gupta wrote:
Yes, so true. We only find what we seek.

We're Voting With Our Attention, by Leah Pearlman

FaceBook  On Oct 14, 2020 Shyam Gupta wrote:
We find what we seek. If we are concentrating on the negativity , we are sure to encounter that and if we are concentratingon positivity we are again sure to encounter that too. It is up to us , what we train our minds to do.
When we are deeply focussed on shortcomings of a person or a thing , our mind conveniently misses the goodness in the person or the beauty of the object.
I remember going on a trek. It was a beautiful place . However we started concentrating on how bad the roads were , how difficult the trek was, poor facilities and we were finding no joy in the trek . Someone pointed out that there was so much beauty around , which we were missing and the moment we started concentrating and appreciating the beauty around we almost forgot about the difficultiesof the trek.
By being mindful of our thought process, we can train our mind into positive sid eof things and making it focus on them.
We will find what we seek. We just need to be mindful what we are seeking.

Substituting One Cruelty For Another, by Anthony de Mello

FaceBook  On Oct 7, 2020 Shyam Gupta wrote:
It is true that if we give food to someone , it may not really matter to him whether we are giving food to him with love or just to satisfy our ego. Then the question would come is why are we giving food to another . Are we feeding the poor to satisfy our ego or are we serving a less privileged person with food , just as a calling of our inner self to share the goodness we have received and express gratitude for the privileges we have received in life.
The same activity of serving food , when done with love, will definetelygive afeeling of being wanted and respected to the other and at the same time will lead to a true satisfaction and a resultant inner transformation in us,

Substituting One Cruelty For Another, by Anthony de Mello

FaceBook  On Oct 7, 2020 Shyam Gupta wrote:
Being before doing . How can we start an activity after ensuring the inclusion of love component in the activity. Many times we begin some service activity with good intention and if it is for any other reason apart from love , it is bound to create an unease or negative impression on the recipient
Like it is said , we may feed the hungry or give water to the poor but if not done with love or in the spirit of wishing whole hearted well being of other, then it is of no use.
How to ensure that whatever we do comes out of a space of love.
How can we internalize love, be awakened enough that whatever we do comes out of space of love.

Movie Of Me, Now Playing 24 Hours A Day, by Krishna Das

FaceBook  On Sep 13, 2020 Shyam Gupta wrote:
Even before we actually meet another person ,we form a mental perception of that person , which may be based on theirexternal appearanceand it is most of the time coloredwith our prejudicesand is also based on what movie is playing, in our head, at that time . Our perception about others also gets affected whether we see them from a space of fear or whether we see from a space of love.
This happens throughout the day as we are caught up in our movie "about me " all the time. We are constanly thinking about our past and what we are going to do next.
Meditation or chanting helps us in breaking that pattern and makes us calm . This calmnessbrings us back to the present moment and and with this awareness t we can meet another person without our prejudices and we would be able to see the other person, as to who he actually is, rather than our projection about him. In the calm and aware state we can see the real " him".

The Central Commitment Of The Creative Life, by Mary Oliver

FaceBook  On Aug 19, 2020 Shyam Gupta wrote:
Beautiful poem, sir. I guess we need ti sit peacefully, fully with our innerself, then only grms like these would appear.

From Transaction To Trust, by Mark Manson

FaceBook  On Jun 3, 2020 Shyam Gupta wrote:
We all want happiness , but are looking for it at the wrong places and through the wrong means. We want to purchase happiness, thinking its transactional. We start bringing transactionality even in our close relations , many times manipulating relationships to seek happiness.
True happiness is non transactional and it is an outcome of unconditional loving and unconditional trust in the process of nature. We love unconditionally and we trust unconditionally. Yes we may get frustrated at times when we are not loved back or when our trust gets broken . We need to have faith in the law and process of nature and make our best effort in loving and trusting unconditionally for their is no other way to find happiness and joy.

To Find Something, Don't Look For It, by Robin Wall Kimmerer

FaceBook  On May 19, 2020 Shyam Gupta wrote:
Many times, when weare looking for a solution to a difficult problem, itout of eludes us no matter how hartd we try. But having kept the problem aside, suddenly , out of nowhere, the solution emerges.
Our overcharged mind,has limited scope to accomplish, but a quiet and a still mind can acheive unimaginable results.We can find newer meaning when we cede control of our mind to our higher self.
I can remeber SN Goenka, ji's audio , telling us to stop looking for bliss during Vipasaana meditation, Just concentrate on the breath, observe the senasations and if the practice is strong enough, bliss wil be there.

In Eyes Of God, We're All Minorities, by Barbara Brown Taylor

FaceBook  On Feb 23, 2020 Shyam Gupta wrote:
Wow. What a profound , hard hitting statement on religion. Apart from respecting other religions , it also shows us the path of true worship, which is without fear or reward and just in the spirit of service or unconditional love.
Am reminded of a mystic baba who had founded a big temple and almost a sect , in Delhi, whom i used to meet very regularly , sharing this with me. " Most of the people coming over here ( mostly rich and powerful), come here , either by fear or for reward . They look at the temple visit , either as a means to avoiid hardship or pain or a fulfillment of their wishes or some desire. I still welcome them, with a hope that some day they would see the futility of thier prayers and actually start worshipping just for the sake of worshipping/service or just ib the spirit of service with unconditional love for god and all humanity.

Not Loneliness, But Aloneness, by Craig Childs

FaceBook  On Jul 8, 2019 Shyam wrote:
Recently attended a Vipassana Session. It is a place where one enjoys aloneness, as there is no phone , no net, no communication through speech or written, not even an eye contact for 10 days.
Real deep sense of fulfilment with this aloneness.

Hiding A Penny, by Annie Dillard

FaceBook  On Jun 20, 2019 Shyam Gupta wrote:
A wonderful passage. A healthy poverty , as per me , a state where small things bring a tremendous amount of pleasure.
one who is pleased with small things, events or happenings will always be a happy man. One who is happy and willing to be surprised and tremendously happy at those surprises is a truly happy man.

Stepping Over The Bag Of Gold, by Rachel Naomi Remen

FaceBook  On May 29, 2019 Shyam Gupta wrote:
The nature is always whispering and showering pleasant surprises in our paths. We just need to be open, receptive and empty to receive them.
We are alaways so busy with out thoughts, our preconceived notions and "closed to receiving " surprises that we miss the "gold" in our paths

The Act of Giving is the True Gift, by Author Unknown

FaceBook  On Apr 27, 2019 Shyam wrote:
Give with no expectations be it kindness, be it service, be it a smile ot be it something of a monetary value, not even expecting or waiting for a thank you.
Dont even bother whether a receipient is worthy of it or not. Have trust and faith in nature.

Being Connected Within, by Jon Kabat-Zinn

FaceBook  On Feb 19, 2019 Shyam wrote:
Mindfulness calling, listening, speaking, brings us back into awareness, that deep connect with ourselves.
It brings into picture the slow , planned , response or proactive conversation which is so vital in compassionate communication

Live Like The Roar In A Lion's Throat, by Pavithra Mehta

FaceBook  On Jul 30, 2018 Shyam wrote:

 Wonderful piece of article. Jolts you up.


We Want Relief. Cure Is Painful, by Anthony de Mello

FaceBook  On Jul 17, 2018 Shyam wrote:

 So true. Even when people get unwell , they only look for a relief rather than a cure.
Relief is immediate but the Cure may be time consuming and may be painful too.
We are only looking for shortcuts rather than the mental or physical discipline required for the cure.
Its almost like saying “  O God , I would love to go heaven buutt can you make someone else die for me”