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In Praise of Idleness, by Bertrand Russell

FaceBook  On Jun 2, 2014 Ravi S wrote:

I completely agree with the idea of idleness. I also agree that in earlier generations there was a sense of lightheartedness and play. So life was worth enjoying  rather than worth working. As he number of hours of work per day has increased, all the lightheartedness and play has weathered. 

Life has become more of a race rather than a stopover to enjoy. I remember very vividly how my grandfather in a salary of ₹ 5000/- could enjoy relatives coming to our house. He did not feel that relatives are "overhead expenses". I worked for a corporate for 13 years and have experienced this. It was repeated that long hours of work means "success". From last 03 years I have left job and am working on my own. I want to say that I am earning at par with what I would have earned but 50% less efforts. And with personal ease end enjoyment. I am NOT saying that quality of my work has decreased but on the contrary it has increased. I enjoy the idelness which this work has given me. Thanks for sparking a revelation in me.


Business Lessons from A Quiet Gardener, by William Rosenzweig

FaceBook  On Apr 15, 2012 Ravi Sheshadri wrote:
 I never thought of life in this way. This article is really wonderful. I have avoided developing a garden for so many years because I donot have patience to do it. But after this article I think it has inspired to do that. Thanks a lot. This will also help me in developing a gardener in myself. Recently I have become an entrepreneur and all the qualitities of gardener are imp for an entrepreneur. Thanks again.

The Difference Between Natural and Unnatural, by Masanobu Fukuoka

FaceBook  On Nov 19, 2011 Ravi Sheshadri wrote:

Dear Masanobu

I agree completely with you. We have become so unnatural that we are not aware about what our natural self was originally. We have been improved so many times that our original 'avatar' we are not aware of.

I agree totally with formal schooling. We are home schooling our children. Today afternoon itself, I and my were discussing about entering them in school. But your article has given me strength again that we are on the right path. Wrong schooling cannot be undone.

With love and regards



Finding the Deepest Joy in Relationships, by Ezra Bayda

FaceBook  On Oct 30, 2011 Ravi Sheshadri wrote:

I am absolutely with your views. Nowadays I am being more and more aware about what I am living and what I am speaking. I become aware many a times during interactions that I must be 'here and now'. I must be with the speaker. It is as it should be.

The first two questions have not come across the mind.

With regards




Psychological Materialism, by Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche

FaceBook  On Oct 15, 2011 Ravi Sheshadri wrote:

Dear Charity Focus,

These reflections are helping me clarify my life. Whenever I read these reflections I get an answer to the question I was working on.

Just an hour before I was questioning myself positively, "What should I do next?" Is living without an outward goal okay? Is trying living in the present a good thing to do, pursuable goal? And here comes your mail and solves the conundrum.

I am completely assured that living life from moment to moment is what I am good at. And I am completely okay with it. I do not want to specialise in anything else.

With love and regards

Ravi Sheshadri


Love without Conditions, by Paul Ferrini

FaceBook  On Sep 27, 2011 Ravi Sheshadri wrote:

I absolutely agree that living sponteneously in the moment is true living, because it is not rehearsed. It is actual how we feel, how we are at that moment.

This comes to practise, hard practise, diligent practise. It comes from overcoming fear of what people will say, and if I would earn enough if i behave like this.

Thanks for a very good, sense making article


Before You Know What Kindness Really Is, by Naomi Shihab Nye

FaceBook  On Apr 16, 2011 Ravi Sheshadri wrote:

Dear Friends,

For me kindness means

- a way to share what you have with less fortunate ones - for example I am better placed financially so I make my childrens cloths available to the children of barber, cobbler. The clothes are perfect, but my children have had new clothes to wear

- a way to share your time with the person who has come to you for getting a solution for his life. Hearing him intently and helping him through whatever you can, is kindness

- a way to decrease the load of life. By s miling at the other person we can do this. I do it when i go for my morning walk. I believe in a theory that by my smiling at the person, I can surely improve his day. There is no compulsion on me to do this. But i still do without much ego and funfare as a duty,as a good citizen. This is kindness.

With love and regards

Ravi Sheshadri


The Lovely State of Observation, by Vimala Thakar

FaceBook  On Mar 18, 2011 Ravi Sheshadri wrote:

Dear Friends,

I have realised recently through personal practise that why most of us are not able to sit in meditation. Many people run away when they hear the word meditation.

The main reason for such a reaction is 'fear'. I have recently left a good paying job and have started training myself as a trainer. The main objective to leave the job was to 'connect with myself' again. But i observe daily that i am so afraid of the 'future' events that I lose my connect over the present. I always remain in perpetual anxiety of "What will happen?"

It is good that because of practise of being present in 'moment' I am able to 'see' this OR be aware of this. The main reason of this is our upbringing where all fears are installed in us.

....If you do not study, there will be no job

....If you do not behave, we will not love you

....If you err, you are alone to solve the problem. We will not be with you

...IF you do not have a child after 2 years of marraige, we will not be with you.

And all the other things. IF we raise our children without fear, without conditions attached, they will be very good individuals and better citizens.

I am indebted for life to Charityfocus, Innernet and ijourney for my progression in spiritual area.

With love and regards