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From Being Driven To Being Drawn, by Richard Rohr

FaceBook  On Aug 1, 2017 C Tate wrote:

To me, it is an especially beautiful DharmaComic this week -- thank you, Leah, for sharing.  The reading really speaks to me though it will take some time to sink in,.  Still, I wanted to express my appreciation right now. 


Theory and Practice, by Vincent Horn

FaceBook  On Jan 17, 2017 Cynthia wrote:

I had trouble with this passage.  After reading it a few times, I realize I must be one of those "dumb meditators."  Feeling, observing, and moving through initial shame, I see it as a jumping-off point to learn more.  As a result, I find a very helpful article at titled "Are You Practicing Stupid Meditation?"  Much to chew on. Thank you. 


Absurd Heroism, by Margaret Wheatley

FaceBook  On Jan 19, 2016 Cynthia wrote:

I find parts of this passage difficult to understand, including the concept of "emergence."  But it feels significant and my curiosity is sparked so I will try to learn more about the concept in general as well as the author's ideas.  In the present moment, I especially admire and am grateful for the accompanying Dharma Comic :)  Simple and true.  Playful.  Makes me smile.  Thank you, Leah.   


Be with the Magic, by Steve Karlin

FaceBook  On Nov 7, 2015 cynthia wrote:

 Such magical moments with wild ones have sustained me all my life. These days it is often the very tiny creatures that come to me, insects and spiders are for the most part welcome :)  In order to really see them, I must put my face very very close to them and thus control my breath or they will fly/flee.  This close appreciation seems kind of like meditating with eyes open.  And in a way so does my practice (since May) of sitting outside on the back porch with a lit candle watching the sun rise.  Earlier this week, as I stepped outside the door, I had a very magical visitation...a winter wren! So I wrote a haiku to honor the moment.

Fumbling in the dark
Matches in hand I am struck
By the wren's dawn song.

Thank you Steve Karlin for sharing your wild wisdom and thank you Service Space for helping spread Steve's teachings.  Namaste.


Choosing Suffering over Safety, by Bonnie Rose

FaceBook  On Aug 19, 2015 Cynthia wrote:

At present, I relate very deeply to this choice.  A practice that helps me see the joy within the suffering is coming to this page and joining this circle, bringing only the sincere intention to be open to the wisdom within the reading and  within the personal reflections of those who share here.  I thank each and every one of you. Namaste.


Spontaneous Resonance, by James O'dea

FaceBook  On Aug 11, 2015 Cynthia wrote:

Walking.  When you don't know the answer, when you don't know what to do next -- and the not knowing is the stuff in the head that is blocking the flow -- maybe walking can help.  Not walking to churn over the questions in your mind, rather walking with full attention on what is right before you.  This is what occurs to me the last few days.  Walking on the beach, I have felt a resonance with a certain place so strongly that I have stopped there unsure what to do but to stop there and allow myself to hum with the same frequency.


A Bigger Container, by Charlotte Joko Beck

FaceBook  On Jun 23, 2015 Cynthia wrote:

What immediately comes to mind for me is that laughter enlarges the container.  I know this viscerally (heart knowledge, not head knowledge) through two recent experiences.  The first experience was a guided meditation to find the animal spirit for my heart chakra.  Once the animal (a whale) appeared and the facilitator asked me to look into its eye, I saw the tiny reflection of myself there and was struck with uncontrollable laughter at the hilarity of the sight -- me, breath-holding/cheeks bulging/bubble-blowing me, with my long hair swirling around my face like kelp, with my arms and legs madly waving to maintain position in the water column and move yet closer to this giant creature.  What a gift it was to literally be able to see myself in the eye of another -- as I now realize from this article, to become for a moment the observer of myself -- such that I was able to experience self-compassion and self-love in a powerful way.  The second experience was participating in a "laughter circle" with about twenty women at a retreat.  Again, with a gifted facilitator.  To sweep my eyes around the circle and witness the faces of each and every person so bright and beautiful in laughter, including (I knew) my own...  To hear and feel and co-create the laughter energy upwhelming and overflowing was to enlarge the container of the self and of the group.  Reflecting on this now, I see that to "practice" this kind of laughter daily would be very helpful to me on the journey.  Thank you.  Thank you.    


Radical Amazement, by Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel

FaceBook  On May 5, 2015 Cynthia wrote:

Jesus said, "Come as a little child."  Children are brimming over with irrepressible wonder and radical amazement.  To me, this is the essence of prayer and worship, of being fully present, of living in the Now.  Gratitude and blessings to all mothers.  Namaste.