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A 13-Year-Old In A Museum, by Nancy Collier

FaceBook  On Dec 6, 2020 Sunil Mor wrote:
Ramna Mahshri asks "Who am I ?" Soul not body. But Equally value your thoughts too with all the respects.

A 13-Year-Old In A Museum, by Nancy Collier

FaceBook  On Dec 5, 2020 Sunil Mor wrote:
Agree. Union of body and soul is the ultimate goal. If one can reach that rare stage, then there may not be any questions to answer at all.No confusion or doubts. Everything is within and with us abundantly.

A 13-Year-Old In A Museum, by Nancy Collier

FaceBook  On Dec 5, 2020 Sunil Mor wrote:
We are essentially a spiritual being rather than a physical human being. Soul seperates us from the body.Once we understand this eternal truth we stop the said imagery but liven the real.This disconnect helps self realisation to lead a wholesome meaningful life.

Time Confetti And The Broken Promise Of Leisure, by Ashley Whillans

FaceBook  On Nov 24, 2020 Sunil Mor wrote:
Only 10% of our 24 hours every day must be reserved for going within to become soul conscious i.e.meditation.Surely and slowly with control on time proverty as one abondons body consciousness affluence starts happening. The secret may be an earnest desire with honest efforts to take its responsibility devotedly. Reap all the fruits of benefits with increase in time duration.

Does The Mind Exist During Our Sleep?, by Annamalai Swami

FaceBook  On Aug 10, 2020 Sunil , Bangalore wrote:
"Who am I"? is the question to be answered first. As one progresses in this internal search honestly, slowly one realises how body consciousness is different from soul consciousness. The more we experience this truth,the stronger we become.Mind is merely a function of this physical body and world full of thoughts.Soul is just full of love,peace n power only. This eternal knowledge and understanding helps to detach from body to experience the blissful soul.

To Be Continually Thrown Out Of The Nest, by Pema Chodron

FaceBook  On Jul 28, 2020 Sunil wrote:
"Impermanence is the only permanence' said Buddha. There is no constant stable but only continuous changeand that is actually the life in reality. As and when one achieves freedom from the cycle of birth and death then only there is wholesomeness and completeness.

We Were Made For These Times, by Anonymous

FaceBook  On Jul 14, 2020 Sunil Mor, Bangalore wrote:
Current situation is the testing time for us to understand/disseminate how strong and powerful our Innernet life-force is irrespective of who/where/when/why we are.This eternal truth dawns as we release ourselves from the physical body consciousness to become soul conscious completely.Subsequently all our thoughts, perspectives and actions are governed with peace at heart. Automatically Fear & worry takes a backseat to accept the situation without any reservations. It reveals the fact that the universe was-is-will be always not only good but also just n fair and we all are meant for that undoubtedly.

It Is Life That Asks The Questions Of Us, by Viktor Frankl

FaceBook  On Jun 30, 2020 Sunil, Bangalore wrote:
Spiritually, in life impermanence is the only permanence. The meaning of
thisfleeting human birth may be found in serving its core purpose of crossing the cycle of 84 to merge self into HIM.
​​​​​While practicing the Surat-Shabd yoga to achieve this you may have a glimpse of such an experience. The intellect and wisdom gained during this process may offer all the answers to move forward meaningfully.


Mass Movement, by J. Krishnamurti

FaceBook  On Jun 23, 2020 Sunil Mor, Bangalore wrote:
First and foremost is to find out "who am I ?"Settlement into this pure,powerful and peaceful original self, connects us with the ONE source seed of which collectively we all are just branches.This awakened intelligence is the secret of a successful mass movement. Gandhiji is the best example. An earnest- burning desire-longing together with honest hard work and persistent efforts may be the starting point for a true fulfillment.

The River Cannot Go Back, by Kahlil Gibran

FaceBook  On May 27, 2020 Sunil Mor, Bangalore wrote:
Oceanhood means complete soul consciousness of the divine world abonding the body consciousness of the physical world.Personal progress on entering into the soul world determines our experiences from time to time. These are pure celetial private indescribable experiences. Meditation, the art of going deep within helps to shed our riverhood slowly and steadily.

Does God Have A Form?, by Arthur Osborne

FaceBook  On Apr 21, 2020 Sunil Mor wrote:
RamnaMaharshi said " Death is not born and Life never dies". Once we become soul conscious getting rid of the body consciousness we can understand the truth.Formlessness is connected with the eternality of the soul.Looking within to understand the truth earnestly backed by hard work may be the way forward.

Why not React?, by

FaceBook  On Apr 12, 2020 Sunil Mor wrote:
Most of the time we are in body consciousness and connected with this physical world, thus the anger,cravings etc. Meditation helps us to be Soul conscious full of purity,power and peace. Here there are no reactions but only the most appropriate right actions.

Life May Itself Be A Koan, by Rachel Naomi Remen

FaceBook  On Mar 23, 2020 Sunil Mor wrote:
Lockdown is for the physical body but not for the soul.Meditate. Let the soul fly. Practice to Transcend from body consciousness to soul consciousness helps. The more one can remain in the soul world the better.

The Liminal Space, by Heather Platt

FaceBook  On Feb 18, 2020 Sunil Mor, Bangalore wrote:
Heartfelt compassion and empathy by stepping in the shoes of the affected may be the starting point.Within our own big joint family crisis maintaining equanimity was the key for resolution. Purification of head,heart and soul thru mindful meditation helps.

When Someone Deeply Listens To You, by John Fox

FaceBook  On Feb 3, 2020 Sunil Mor wrote:
Deeply listening is establishing a soul to soul connection on equal footing. It's accepting the universality of the same life force manifesting in everybody. Then there is a smooth flow with full understanding, empathy without being judgmental. Any conversation with such soul consciousness is the real experience.

Spiritual Materialism, by Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche

FaceBook  On Jan 14, 2020 Sunil, Bangalore wrote:
Admire Rinpoche for his confessional spirituality.First step to" Who Am I"? Me, mine & I are the stumbling blocks. To me this awareness mindful of how the human conscious operates is an achievement. Kabir said the spiritual path is so narrow to accommodate two. Just enough for I or HIM. Earnest desire with honest continued efforts surely opens the tenth door/third eye to see the truth.

Beauty Is The Very Nature Of The Kosmos, by Ken Wilber

FaceBook  On Dec 17, 2019 Sunil, Bangalore wrote:
Fundamentally Beauty is all pervading .Its a question of our own cleansed conscious,head-mind-soul.The entire universe is just,fair and beautiful fascinatingly. It's our responsibility with ownership,earnest desire and honest efforts to realise the same by going deep within & without.The third eye between the eyebrows opens the doors to our innate Spirit, radient light and the Anhad sound .

Too Many Names, by Pablo Neruda

FaceBook  On Dec 10, 2019 Sunil, Bangalore wrote:
The Kalpa Tree of life has many names & branches but the seed, the source is One- the Nirakar-Nirgun-Nirvikalpa.This single bliss and pure joyful Soul is manifesting in all living beings universally.Living in such a soul world is experiencing the wholeness with Innernet of this world wide web full of peace and just abundance.

Abandon Only What Is Not Yours, by Shaila Catherine

FaceBook  On Aug 27, 2019 Sunil, Bangalore wrote:
It's detachment from the Maya, the illusory and impermanent world.The moment I think my children are infact the children of God and not mine, I am relieved with a feeling of liberation. The reality that 'Uncertainty is the only certainty in life' makes the daily life easier and friendly.

Opening Thy Palm, by Rabindranath Tagore

FaceBook  On Jul 23, 2019 Sunil, Bangalore wrote:
Always Gift-Giving has a multiplier ripple effect on both Gold within and Silver without.It reveals the latent natural qualities of the life force-the eternal soul and the reverberating consciousness full of love, energy, compassion, gratitude, peace........... Entering within the essence of my own self is slowly eradicating desires of the physical wants-needs to create an ocean of plenty of everything.Connecting with Innernet thru Surat-Shabad Yoga earnestly, honestly and responsibly may be the secret to be experienced.

Greatest Of All Religions, by Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan

FaceBook  On Jul 16, 2019 Sunil, Bangalore wrote:
Human Life is fundamentally meant for knowing the true essence of our own natural self & understand "Who Am I".Thus human birth is invaluable in the cycle of 84.So it's imperative to make the most of it without wasting a moment but studying,examining,researching and observing each & everything about it religiously with honest efforts and responsibility. Of course such earnest desire and inner willingness yield the expected results without doubts. This is evidenced by all our enlightened Saints & Sages all over the universe.

Do You Direct Your Mind Or Does Your Mind Direct You?, by Yogi Bhajan

FaceBook  On May 14, 2019 Sunil wrote:
Only Human mind is blessed with the wisdom of eternal latent joy,peace,power within. Those who realise this reality of "who am I" control their mind to lead a purposeful life.Meditation is the key. Kabir's Surat-Shabad-Yoga is the way.

The Question Of Being, by Adyashanti

FaceBook  On Sep 12, 2018 Sunil, Bangalore wrote:

The very purpose/essence of this invaluable human birth is to find one's true self, the eternal lifeforce within to become soul conscious. And to experience the perinial spring of kindness, love, peace, purity,power and all that is holy n worthwhile.Otherwise it is a waste of the lifetime n energy by loosing the golden opportunity.Meditate by the Kabir's Surat-Shabad Yoga helps. 


Sense Of Self Is An Essential Skill Of Mind, by Paul Fleischman

FaceBook  On Sep 4, 2018 Sunil, Bangalore wrote:
 This is the fundamental difference between Buddhism and Hinduism.Absence and presence of a SOUL respectively.I believe in the existence of an eternal life force,the innermost and absolute self distinct from mind n body.All the Universal lives are but the manifestations of this singlemost ever vibrating-pulseting consciousness.The whole-sole purpose in the complex gamut of this human birth is to find this self and become soul conscious.This Freedom or Nirvana is realised by many of our Saints,Sages,Rishis.I am also a student on this long path and the associated honest Sadhana sincerely.

Somehow I'm Always Held, by Jeff Foster

FaceBook  On Jun 11, 2018 Sunil, Bangalore wrote:
Soul the Life force is permanently alive beautiful consciously.The worldly life's failures-successes, ups-downs and pleasures-pains hardly make any difference to this eternal divine experiential reality.This unflinching faith-belief with an earnest longing is the key with honest responsible efforts,persistence and patience.Going thru this process to be always held & serve the basic purpose of human birth. 

Seven Stages Of The Ego, by Rumi, as told by Elif Shafak

FaceBook  On Apr 19, 2018 Sunil, Bangalore wrote:

 Nafs(Self) an Arabic word in Quran.
I practice Ramana Maharishi's preaching"Who Am I? I,the biggest stumbling block in spiritual progress relates to the worldly-physical-mortal body.Whearas the eternal Soul inside is only pure consciousness the all pervading Omni present life force.Brahmo Hum Brahmo Hum Brahm Swaroopohum.Nityo hum-Shudho Hum-Budho Hum-Mukto hum.Soul overcoming self is a continuous spiritual quest.Kabir said the path is so narrow that the two cannot reside together. Either it is HE or I. May be I am at a stage dispelling I and adopting HE? In the process the gradual slow Opening of The Third Eye-Tenth Door helps to understand the report card.


What Happens When We Wonder?, by Katie Steedly

FaceBook  On Mar 27, 2018 Sunil,Bangalore wrote:

Wonder is Divine.All marvels,miracles and mysteries of the Nature/Universe  are great Creations to understand the Divine in all its ramifications.Listen to the Kabir song by Shubha Mudgal "Is Ghat Anter Baugh Bagiche"This  is a wonderful personal experience.(Unable to paste the song Utube link ?) . Go within connecting with your InnerNet to find the vast potential wonders inside.   


The Difficult People In Your Life, by Sally Kempton

FaceBook  On Mar 19, 2018 Sunil,Bangalore wrote:

Charity begins @home.The world was-is-will be good always.Thus it is surviving. No need to criticize, find fault and be unhappy.Just look within to connect with your peaceful, most powerful and pure soul. Doors to the untapped abundant perennial & potential source of energy-the life force will be slowly opened."Shivohum Shivohum Shiva Swaroopaha hum".This applies to every soul uniformly connecting everybody with anybody. I am in you and you are in me. This Deep meditation helps to realize how positive energetic you are.Then there is simply harmony,reconciliations and togetherness  with the common love-affection, sympathy-empathy,gratitude-generosity in all relationships and interactions.       


Do A Nice Thing For Your Future Self, by Elizabeth Gilbert

FaceBook  On Mar 5, 2018 Sunil, Bangalore wrote:

Impermanence is the only permanence.Every body-cell and every moment is constantly changing.What is today is not tomorrow.Love yourself intimately in the present first to love the other future you including all third party others. 
Charity begins at home.Deep meditation and conscious self inquiry is the best example of a personal story. As you find yourself and become peaceful,purer,powerful...... U R equanimous full of love/affection,sympathy/empathy, generosity/gratitude not only for your own-self but also for the world/universe.Nicest thing to do is to connect with your inner-net everyday & moment for mutual happiness and harmony.


Deep Ecological Awareness Is Spiritual Awareness, by Fritjof Capra and Pier Luigi Luisi

FaceBook  On Feb 13, 2018 Sunil, Bangalore wrote:

Death is not born and Life never dies.It is always the manifestation of the same eternal life consciousness  in all the creations-human,environmental and all other nature.THe same soul permeates  all over the inclusive universe..This is experienced when you search & find " Who Am I"? Finding ones true nature is all that is required to understand the reality of the present oneness without past or future.


You Are Saved By Your Love, by Michael Damian

FaceBook  On Jan 16, 2018 Sunil,Bangalore wrote:
Love is existence and creation..Loveless there is no life.Love reinstates hope and reassures all is well with the world with so much of its drawbacks and weaknesses.The life force eternal SOUL is nothing but manifested love. And this is in fact our search and spirituality--.our Sadhana & Meditation.It reverberates in all beings all the time everywhere.SriKrishna taught the same knowledge to Arjun and all Saints also found the same in Vedas.In the form of Light is reflected in The Stars and presence felt in the Sun & Moon too. I am alive,saved and moved merely by Love. 


Where We Are Is Our Temple, by Jack Kornfield

FaceBook  On Dec 27, 2017 Sunil,Bangalore wrote:

"Death has not taken birth and Life never dies".Such total eternality of self consciousness (Atman) is in fact that Temple & God really we are longing for and nothing else. I have found this earnest search is the key to the practical spirituality.You are in everybody and everybody is in you made possible by an undivided expanded heart.This is only and simply the love,compassion, sympathy & empathy connecting all in a single worldwide web. 


The Messiah Is One Of Us , by Megan McKenna

FaceBook  On Nov 28, 2017 Sunil,Bangalore wrote:

By Nature innately & inner-netly from origin each human soul is a bundle of divine positivity without exception.This is exactly the eternal search & spirituality we all practice. One who realizes it is the Master/Messiah. Everybody of us is thus a potential Master with such a firm belief-faith.The moment this happens the world becomes full of life,worship,love, grace,passion, devotion,alive & vibrant. The very outlook & perception changes to Change everybody-everything-everywhere for a fulfilling life. We get connected in a single worldwide web with compassion,sympathy & empathy. Still as an ardent student, I see Sant Kabir had that profoundness in the most down to earth style.Belief-Behaviour-Business can help deliver the promised land.


The Sun Is The Perfect Example, by Vinoba Bhave

FaceBook  On Nov 15, 2017 Sunil,Bangalore wrote:

I relate Sun to the human Soul as Sunny. It is the eternal Light and the mystic Sound of our being.Our being is inside,innate & an inner-net. Its a natural agent ever shining illumination  and glowing  brightness.It energizes and stimulates the real sight of "Who Am I" enlightening the whole thing clear and visible to the third eye effortlessly. Personally I  surrender, submerge into  this original source eliminating the duality. The reality dawns. "Shivohum Shivohum ShivSwaroopohum.Nityohum-Shudhohum-Budhohum-Muktohum. ChidAnand roopah". Its neutral joy-Love- affection-compassion, sympathy & empathy for every one-every time-every where-everything. 


Advice From A Tree, by Ilan Shamir

FaceBook  On Sep 27, 2017 Sunil,Bangalore wrote:

Our roots is the soul,the eternal life force full of peace,purity,power ,love & harmony. Just go internal to realize all this and get it hearing the melodious music  inside. This is beautifully permanent while enjoying the transitory external world.For me this is like finding the meaning,truth and purpose of the invaluable human life without loosing anything at all but only gaining- benefiting fully from the Nature.   


To Know Your Mind, Pay Close Attention To It, by Sam Harris

FaceBook  On Aug 8, 2017 Sunil,Bangalore wrote:

I relate: Adopt thoughtlessness & practice mindfulness. Impermanence is the only permeance. Thoughts are bodily-connected with self while consciousness is just soul without any self.Kabir said the path to God(soul) is so narrow that only one can exist either I or HE.Meditation on such mindset and "AMAR ATMA HAI MARANSHEEL KAYA, SABHI PRANIYO KE HAI BHITAR JO SAMAYA" helps indeed.


The Grandest Vision For Humanity, by Riva Melissa Taz

FaceBook  On Jul 22, 2017 Sunil,Bangalore wrote:

"If you wish to find yourself (God) lose yourself in the service of  humanity" said MKGandhi.When you serve with head-heart-hands you get more than what you give.Human life is an opportunity to be full of gratitude,generosity, sympathy & empathy. These are the natural innate attributes of our eternal SOUL.Achievement of this is my Vision,Mission, purpose, story and meaning of life.     


Attachments Are Not Set in Stone, by Robina Courtin

FaceBook  On Jun 29, 2017 Sunil,Bangalore wrote:

Soul the life force/inner self is permanent.Eveything else external is impermanent.Learning to Attach with the soul detaching from the body,its manifestations & all things external is my goal.False feeling of deficiency is the source of attachment while soul itself is all powerful and self sufficient."Shivohum Shivohum ShivaSwaroopum.Nityohum,Budhohum, Shudhohum,Muktohum"is the meditation supported by breath to slowly become/remain soul conscious always.  


My Misgivings About Advice, by Parker Palmer

FaceBook  On Jan 24, 2017 Sunil,Bangalore wrote:

 No advice but only sympathy and empathy with head,heart and soul.


Restoring Balance and Meaning in Ourselves, by Alan Briskin

FaceBook  On Nov 15, 2016 Sunil,Bangalore wrote:
As U think so U become.What U sow that U reap.Life & the universe is simply just & fair without any doubt. When U R one within & without such so called miracles may be natural & common.One can truly become ONE with an enabled soul manifesting its true nature of love,compassion, purity ,abundance & passion for all.In this total merger & surrender only HE permeates and performs as there is enough of everything for everybody. Cheers,

Reengineeing Our Patterns, by Eknath Easwaran

FaceBook  On Oct 13, 2016 Sunil, Bangalore wrote:
Ultimately life is meant for spirituality to manifest divinity within.Seperate wheat from the chaff.Life is always  just & fair.Its our options,choices,attitude and approach.Reorient from the external physical body to the eternal inner life force.Detach from the pleasures/pains of the world not by suppression but by mindfully attaching to the superior spring of joy- the soul.Re-engineer needs from wants & desires. Reimagine the emotional value addition by gratitude- generosity, Essentially its revival of the real self-peaceful & powerful.Rehabilitation from human to humane.Insan Ban Gaye to Bhagwan Banege.Cheers

Becoming Free of Our Substitute Life, by Ezra Bayda

FaceBook  On Oct 6, 2016 Sunil,Bangalore wrote:

WHO AM I ? Body-physical, external & mortal or the life force Soul-latent, inner and eternal ?Thus Substitute is for the body. Not for 'I'- Shivoham, Shivohum-Shivaswarupoham.Nityoham,Shuddhoham,Buddhoham. Advaita Ananda Rupam, Arupam.Brahmoham,Brahmoham,BrahmaSwarupoham.Chidoham,Chidoham, ChidanandRupaha.Google search for the meaning. Either decide  just to meditate on 'I' or get into the debate of body substitute at all ? Cheers with love.....  


What is Meditation?, by Vimala Thakar

FaceBook  On Sep 26, 2016 Sunil,Bangalore wrote:

Right Away is the Opposite of Now, by Jacob Needleman

FaceBook  On Sep 13, 2016 Sunil,Bangalore wrote:
You hear more with less noise.Pineapple stands tall,wears a crown & is sweet inside.Now is unspoken inner balance with silent harmony.Right-away is disturbed unequilibrium. Arrival at peace within & without may be the parameter for NOW.Search for a living Guru opening the tenth door/third eye is the personal story to become a humane Now avoiding the human Right away. Finding "Who am I" brings satisfaction ending the hunger of this precious human birth. Cheers with Love

Simplicity of the Heart, by J. Krishnamurti

FaceBook  On Sep 5, 2016 Sunil wrote:

Beyond my understanding,creating more confusion than resolving it. Let us demystify the mysticism of spirituality. Let us not complicate it further & further.Let us help ourselves the common beings you and me with simple ,straight easy to follow guidance from the enlightened. Love


Taking a Stand, by Lynne Twist

FaceBook  On Aug 30, 2016 Sunil,Bangalore wrote:
Taking a stand means You believe in your beliefs, in your innate soul,in your love for what you do.Holistic child welfare in India is possible by judiciously deploying what we already have in terms of resources($ 35 billion per annum) and the humane power(10 Million).Count your blessings.There is enough to achieve the benchmarks to disrupt the system.Implementation and execution is a burning issue to be resolved with head,heart and hands.Manifest the latent Insaniyat/humanity to reap the dividends. World conspires for all spiritual realities and realizations.
Truth + Team + Trust + Transparency = Transformation are the practices encouraging this self discovery.

Accessing Desire As Loving Motivation, by Miki Kashtan

FaceBook  On Aug 23, 2016 Sunil,Bangalore wrote:
A different perspective.Such think talk between a mother & a child is a generational smartness.Organic/genuine desire is innate & intitutive and all the world conspires to make it happen may be intially with displasure but with sublime peace ultimately. Serve oneself by the Welfare of others is becoming a motivating desire. I want to now Care and share with head, heart and hands to awaken the latent love,sympathy and empathy. Let HIM please unify the mind ,body and soul to the final reality.

With Fullness in Life, Everything is Possible, by Facundo Cabral

FaceBook  On Jul 19, 2016 Sunil,Bangalore wrote:
 Impermanence is the only permanence.So  U cant loose anything."Only a true lover never dies said Kabir. Why Wander Away but enter UR Temple of Love.Love not grown in gardens nor sold@market.He who wants it,king or commoner gives his head,heart and hands to take it".No obligation, no distraction and no depression.  Recently Home Stay with a Dutch Family,Holland and visiting a divorced relation,Germany resulted in 'Mangal Maitry' with small acts of kindness manifesting the latent Divinity within. Cheers with Smiles.   

How Is Your Heart Doing?, by Omid Safi

FaceBook  On Jun 21, 2016 Sunil,Bangalore wrote:

DIL SE. DILWALE. DILARAM (Dil+AaRam ) When we connect soul to soul ,it is relaxation,Its Ram, All souls being full of love,peace,power & purity without any artificiality. I find genuine hugging(human touch) is always from heart.
Mind fullness makes you aware of your strength as well as weaknesses. Cheers, 


The Oppressor and the Oppressed Must Both be Liberated, by Nelson Mandela

FaceBook  On Mar 29, 2016 Sunil,Bangalore wrote:



The Capacity for Successful Solitude, by Sherry Turkle

FaceBook  On Mar 9, 2016 Sunil,Bangalore wrote:

 Solitude is good for me as it is a 'Dil Ki Baat', Dil Ka Dil Se and Dilaram ( Dil + Ram + Aaram).It connects head,heart and hands with the soul.This brings out a natural smile of happiness and peace while connecting with anybody to create a mutual bond.Every soul is just abundance of purity,power,joy and love.Meditating on the innate,ever present qualities of the soul- the very life force  may prove quite helpful to develop our own inner self on  a solid sound footing.


The Delight in Exploring Inner Territory, by Vimala Thakar

FaceBook  On Feb 16, 2016 Sunil,Bangalore wrote:

 Anger,Hatred,Greed all are connected with our EGO.Ego is preventive to the desired emotional & soul quotients.   But when I observed LOVE for all from beginning to full blown internally the experience is just delightful.Offer of selfless service out of gratitude may be the way forward generating love and affection.  


I Have Decided to Stick With Love, by Martin Luther King Jr.

FaceBook  On Jan 6, 2016 Sunil,Bangalore wrote:

 The innate,intuitive and instinctive feeling of oneness with all living beings is demanding love.Its simply the manifestation of the existing nature of our very life force.The original quality of soul.Rarely when I happen to be one with my own self,I experience this love. As Kabir said " Hum sab mai,sab Hai Hum mai" is the test.No anger-hate-violence-ego.Every arising thought is Maitri Bhava.


No Better Place to Meet Yourself, by Moussa Ag Assarid

FaceBook  On Dec 21, 2015 Sunil,Bangalore wrote:

Desert ,close to nature is sublime.Connected to the life force without hindrance. But life is holistic with many other aspects also.And  these are all interconnected to be complete.Let us not isolate to be incomplete but take a 360 degree facts based life view to be immersed in ourselves.Cheers


Time is a Season, by David Whyte

FaceBook  On Nov 16, 2015 Sunil,Bangalore wrote:

 Time is also the Age. Every age is a different season in itself. Child- Youth- Adult- Old age. Each stage in the life has its own flavors -  happy appointments - sad disappointments but the life force(soul) remaining the same in each time. The point of time during this journey when one understands this truth,is the time(age) of reckoning- revelation. Different for different persons.Fortunate/Divine are those to have this as early as possible. Then one can strive to be timeless/agenda less. Follow Kabir who said"Lere Nam Lere Nam,Nam Se tire Re Bhai. Minakh Janam  Fir Na Mile". " Yugan Yugan Hum Yogi, Awadhoota(wanderer)". "Apni Madhi Me,Khelu Sahaj Swa-ichha". "Hum Hi Sidha Samadhi Hum hai".


Organic Gift, by Parker Palmer

FaceBook  On Nov 10, 2015 Sunil,Bangalore wrote:
Khalil Gibran said "In truth,it is life that gives into life while the giver is just a witness.It is when you give of yourself that you truly give".Gifting is for our own happiness and mutual love. When to be happy & full of love can only be organic,how can giving be inorganic ?Thus any burnout is totally ruled out.The thought of Kabir is "Hum Sub Mai,Sub Hai Hum Mai". It is matter of Dil Ka Dil se,Dilwale and Dilaram(Dil+ Aaram). The original organic nature of our latent life force is fundamentally love and compassion.Needless to say anything contrary to all this is far away from giving.Happy Diwali.

Lessening the Power of Negative Emotions, by The Dalai Lama

FaceBook  On Oct 20, 2015 Sunil, Bangalore wrote:

My strategy is to cultivate the root(soul)for the blossoming tree. The faith & the firm conviction is in the fact that all human souls are  divine, full of Love,power,compassion,joy, friendship & harmony without any exception.   Very careful to anything contrary happening/arising ,go back to the above Universal Truth and control the mind. Yes difficult but not impossible if one is serious.Pesistance and perseverance pays.Meditate with open eyes on the visualization of this  reality. Lastly surrender to HIM i.e. your own true self earnestly.


The Gift of New Eyes, by Rachel Naomi Remen

FaceBook  On Sep 15, 2015 Sunil,Bangalore wrote:

 Kabir said"Hum Sab Mai,Sab Hai Hum Mai"  When the life force is one,there is no question of any right/wrong.
Galib said" Duniya Me Hun,Magar Duniya Ka Talabdar Nahi Hun.
Bazar Se Gujra Hun,Magar Kharidar Nahi Hun
Jinda Hun Magar Jis ki lazzat Nahi Baki
Har Chand Hosho Me Hun, Magar Hoshiyar Nahi Hun"
In this condition where is the scope for any judgement on wrong/right.


Love Like Water, by Mark Nepo

FaceBook  On Sep 8, 2015 Sunil, Bangalore wrote:

 Love is not an abstract term. But a concrete one.When it flows meaning when you  practice it with full life force ( heart & soul) it becomes tangible. You can indeed experience it like water.


Man's Most Important Mistake, by G. I. Gurdjieff

FaceBook  On Jun 30, 2015 Sunil,Bangalore wrote:

 It is either I or the Whole. The multiple I has to merge  with the whole to become one.This removes the chaos,corruption(wishes,desires,anger.................) and complexity within and facilitates the manifestation of the soul, the real I full of  peace, love & strength. When this becomes natural & normal one finds oneself correcting the most important mistake.  


A Bigger Container, by Charlotte Joko Beck

FaceBook  On Jun 23, 2015 Sunil,Bangalore wrote:

Where there is I,he is not there and where is he I am not there.Its a narrow passage only for the one out of the two but the container is big.I can do all my daily routine resting the soul always on him. The soul manifestation is now happening steadily while doing an e-welfare platform for the bottom of the pyramid. Experiencing the reclaiming of my human by the welfare of the underserved for my container to be really & progressively large.  But be aware it's a very slippery and consciously cautious path balancing the act to make a bigger container. 


Love is the Source of Fearlessness, by Margaret Wheatley

FaceBook  On Jun 2, 2015 Sunil, Bangalore wrote:

Soul consciousness is fearlessness.Human soul is full of love,peace,strength & power which catalyzes fearlessness. Manifesting these latent qualities of soul thru meditation and practice in our daily lives is the key. Setting up schools for the children of migrant workers in the pathetic labour camps against all odds was my personal experience.This love for every child is empowering me to develop a digital gap minder platform for all the K-12 schools in the country. If we can really connect with our souls, we are out of the fear prison. Fear is lack of love and that is the awareness . 



Eulogy Versus Resume Virtues, by David Brooks

FaceBook  On May 26, 2015 Sunil,Bangalore wrote:

To me Eulogy and Resume is a question of what you do between the short gap of life & death.Its all about soul connections made during this gap.Personally I can tell you this happens only when you manifest the latent harmony,friendship, forgiveness & the eternal love..................bypassing everything else, all the negativity.What ultimately matters is human relationships and not right or wrong. Cultivating this habit as our culture , daily routine  with mindfulness consciously is indeed  experiencing the beauty, fulfillment and amazement of life.


Radical Amazement, by Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel

FaceBook  On May 8, 2015 Sunil wrote:

The complete cycle of creation & destruction ,birth & death is radical amazement.What we do between this gap of life & death is human.Relaxing in the garden sit out witnessing the plants flowering right from the exotic heliconias, orchids to simple bougainvillea & so on........Same with fruit trees-- sweet guavas,juicy on is demystifying the divine. The rimzim rains,the sun and then the colourful rainbow is understanding the heavens.Livng positively in the present  to manifest the qualities of the soul- love,compassion,friendship,forgiveness......helps remain alive to the wonder.


Force of Kindness, by Sharon Shalzberg

FaceBook  On Apr 28, 2015 Sunil wrote:

Complete belief/conviction with constant awareness that love,compassion,friendship, forgiveness is the only way forward for a meaningful life is kindness at the deepest level of heart.All problems ,issues, happiness or sadness merge/dissolve automatically is my practical experience. This Meditation with closed eyes is common but with open eyes without supressing any thought,desire ,like or dislike is a wonderful practice for best results.


A Circle of Trust, by Parker Palmer

FaceBook  On Apr 14, 2015 Sunil,Bangalore wrote:

Circle of Trust is harmony of mind, body & soul. All three must have 100% trust in each other.  When Thought, Intuition and Action are in the same wave length we are in the circle of trust.  So also like minded souls can form a circle of trust. 


You Cannot Capture Silence, It Captures You, by Richard Rohr

FaceBook  On Apr 9, 2015 Sunil Kumar, Bangalore wrote:

Silence to me is complete soul consciousness.The physical body is all noise & perishable.But must maintain it for  the silence to capture us between the gap of life & death. The soul is the almighty authority, pure peace & power full of love,compassion,friendship, forgiveness and sublime joy............. I was captured by Kabir- the mystic poet when he said "Without churning milk there is no butter and no wood fire without ignition. Why wander? HE is inside constant, calm & quiet.Practice & Discover". This is meditation & spirituality. Making heartfelt efforts to manifest this silence of the soul by hugging & facilitating education of every child without any social divide. An unique digital platform based on OPEN DATA of everything & everybody concerning holistic child welfare is under development to connect all the problems with solutions collaboratively.