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Ambiguity Of Violence, by Robert Sapolsky

FaceBook  On Mar 30, 2021 stream wrote:
Though I think I always abhorred any energetic resembling aggression , I perpetrated many explosive violent reactions toward my brother and other neighborhood kids when i became frustrated, not knowing how to express my needs for emotional understanding. I can forgive myself and others for acts of violence with the context of understanding now that we do not live in a culture that places value on emotional learning.
When I was eligible for the draft into the Vietnam War, I looked into becoming a conscientiousobjector . I knew in my heart that there is no violence that is Right or ok, that the idea of turning the other cheek was the only path to peace. The idea of NVC that when we can discover all of our beautiful needs and communicate them as requests , not demands, that we can all live non-violently in win/win.
That is the world that I envision, yet when I or someone else acts out
usually or maybe always due to fear I know that the violent act is always an unskillful way to get Love that we truly desire and even if there is grief or anger summoned in response to the aggression, I remember that that aggression is a call for help, and I know that there is only love.

To Have Without Holding, by Marge Piercy

FaceBook  On Mar 7, 2021 stream wrote:
"loving with hands wide open" for me, means being fully receptive- no limiting belief minimalizing the miraculous ecstasy that pours over and into what I call ME. And MORE ME overflows into loving healing hands that ae place on thou if thou accepteth. In the acceptance by thou ae HAVE all ae ever needed while allowing thou full creative expression.
This is the personal story that ae experience constantly with "my" partner.
The How( in my humble opinion) is knowing our multidimensionality, knowing that we have way more than 53 senses to attune with, and that all experience is a choice. What shadow would cause one to choose to love any way less than consciously, conscientiously, concretely, and constructively.

If There Is No Self, Whose Arthritis Is This?, by Sylvia Boorstein

FaceBook  On Mar 7, 2021 stream wrote:
I love the storytelling "I" that surrounds aer self in a mysterious wondrous healing adventure. Any and every moment that I find a feeling arising from unmet needs I return to gratitude and feel enfolded in the arms of love against a breast of a loving beating heart and know that all experience is a re-frameable choice. " Every little cell in my body is happy, every little cell in my body is well!"