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Rich Man And The Beggar, by Hindu Parable (Author Unknown)

FaceBook  On Apr 21, 2021 Sally Mahe wrote:
I love the unexpected ending. What a state of grace the man (contemplating by the river) had to give the diamond he had found away. What a blessing that the beggar "turned rich" went back to the man to learn the source of the man's ability to give the stone so freely. Thank you for this amazing parable.

Invisibility In A Time Of Transparency, by Akiko Busch

FaceBook  On Apr 6, 2021 Sally Mahe wrote:
Thank you for this piece. Years ago the Brahma Kumaris World Peace Organization introduced me to the power of "incognito" -providing service 'under the radar.' Not so much about not caring'who gets the credit' but a belief in the power and impact of 'unseen' intentions and actions. Quite a spiritual endeavor!

My own need to "be seen" comes from a deep wound and continues as a deep longing. I like thisarticle because, whether for oneself, for marginalized groups, for people stuck on social media personas, for anyone whose voice is not valued as a relevant member of society - the topic ofvisibilityis lifted up and being considered inthoughtful ways. Visibilityis an excellent focus for reflection.

Solitude Is Where Community Begins, by Henri Nouwen

FaceBook  On Jan 26, 2021 Sally Mahe wrote:
Thank you Nipun for this deeply insightful reflection on solitude as heart of communityFor organizations I think it is especially relevant...and yet still so "counter-cultural' in most places to prioritize going to the "hub" of the wheel. Gratitude to Henri Nouwen and to you for sharing this truth.