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Everything Is A Miracle, by Albert Einstein

FaceBook  On Jun 26, 2014 Roseen wrote:


it takes an enlightened soul to recognize a miracle.... but every moment is a miracle...


The Order on the Other Side of Chaos, by Margaret Wheatley

FaceBook  On Jun 26, 2014 rose encabo wrote:

isnt that Lao Tzu who said that... be still till the right thing comes naturally... something like that

we were taught at school to be reactive not responsive... the dffererence between the two... is time stood still 


How Randomness Rules Our Lives, by Leonard Mlodinow

FaceBook  On Jan 3, 2012 rosa ysabella wrote:


randomness ... it boils down to the wisdom of uncertainty... life is 10% what is happening in our lives and 90% is how we respond to what is happening to us...

the wisdom of uncertainty rule... is not much on the strength u have to withstand anything u can take, hold, or control within ur power... it goes beyond what u can take, hold, or control within ur power...

so we continue to bend, to stretch, to expand where life will take us... and true enough we have become larger than what we thought... life indeed is full of surprises...

just be ready to let life surprise u everyday... be surprises...:)


The Greatest Danger Before You, by Granny D

FaceBook  On Nov 20, 2007 rose encabo wrote:
... and i become silent thanks

The Gaps on Your Resume, by Kimberley Patton

FaceBook  On Nov 6, 2007 rose encabo wrote:
... GAPS... indeed! they are silent pauses for rebirth between making a living to making a life... they are great moments for rediscovering the real essense in life... and other attachments... they are moments of self-emptying -