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The Power Paradox, by Dacher Keltner

FaceBook  On Jul 11, 2016 Pluto178 wrote:
Power is indeed a strange creature for good or evil having watched people who have been in a position of power change into people who even slow down their own voices to get as much of your attention time as they can, to making regrettable decisions based on how powerful 'they' consider themselves to be. No matter how much that rope pulls you up you can be dropped unceremoniously in a moment........thats when the judgment of how you used that power can take place.........equal rights for all is the most powerful tool, if you are powerful as a by product of what you have achieved rather than as your goal it will be a better type of power put to the good use of all. Never fear power for there is only you that damages its reputation along with your own when you do not use it wisely.  Power can be best friends with arrogance but also with love and thats when you really are powerful. x

Love Like Water, by Mark Nepo

FaceBook  On Oct 26, 2015 Pluto178 wrote:

 Water is hidden in everything for everything surely contains some's the Holy Grail the hidden that we seek to find............sometimes we cannot see something but we know its there and eventually we fail to see it. Water is always welcome. x 


Compassion: an Objective Form of Empathy, by Jeff Weiner

FaceBook  On Sep 29, 2015 Pluto178 wrote:

The poet John Keates trained to be a Doctor and had such high levels of empathy that he could feel the patients pain during surgery and was unable to continue in this career. A lot of loss during his young life may have created his empathic nature. Compassion is a good thing but if you let it consume you it can get out of hand and your own functions can be affected and render you unable to cope. Once a person has experienced physical pain it should be a natural function for them to understand the pain of another person..........those who are lucky enough not to have experienced it can only imagine what another person is going through and can offer support.... but a deeper compassion and empathy comes from knowing. x


Spontaneous Resonance, by James O'dea

FaceBook  On Aug 10, 2015 Ros wrote:

Spontaneous reaction must be that moment when you completely relate to a situation or story........there is an outside influence from the thing or person you resonate with and/or the memory .......I completely relate to that because I have had some experience of it in the past...........whereas spontaneous resonance is more like Joy it bursts out of you and makes you connect to the situation willingly.............with a strength or power that can even surprise you. x


Money is a Lot Like Water, by Lynne Twist

FaceBook  On Jul 6, 2015 Rosalind Bond wrote:

 As I read this I find so many opinions that are personal looking around a room where everyone is black ............ I did some washing for a white woman.....neither of these things were necessary to mention.....your dislike of people with money shines through much stronger than your charitable nature........please don't project your thoughts onto a situation and expect back up. It won't come from me. Yes some people have more money than others but money is never the problem how the person behaves with or without it is more important. The sooner we cease to separate our experience through race the better for me.... we are human beings all of which came our of Africa at some time so all faces in all rooms are actually black to some to help others with a positive view of each has not worked in the way it was meant to because nothing appears to be changing and that's not because you can't get enough money out of people its because you don't choose to spend it in the right way. Money is constantly flowing like water don't cause blockages with your own negative thoughts. Love one another without separation we are as one in the end why not remember we are fragments of the whole now. I am you and you are me................x