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Sunrise in Laos, by Pam Houston

FaceBook  On Oct 23, 2012 Ronalo wrote:
Growing up in a large metropolis one does not realize the many ways that others are reflecting the beautiful culture of  their ancestors. Sometimes I almost feel cheated although I do understand the 'different' hardships that go with being without.......but without what? I could easily give up most all materialistic least having to own them. The profound connection that the people have with nature including each other is what I feel most at a loss in my life in my culture as an American.

The beauty that is so eloquently offered by Pam is like a lucid dream where every-thing moves at it's natural pace and the vivid colors just add to it's vibrancy, depth and texture.  For ones senses linger well past the last paragraph..... almost like coming Home.

The Way of the Farmer, by Masanobu Fukuoka

FaceBook  On Oct 9, 2012 Ronalo wrote:
Wow....great minds everywhere! So many wise......why are we living like we only have two brain cells when the information offered so eloquently has been within reach for hundreds of years. Most people would agree to a more natural and educative way of did we get to this convoluted expression?  

Living from the Heart, by Rick Jarow

FaceBook  On Oct 2, 2012 Ron Lopez wrote:
 I love that being said " The Heart Centered Unites and the Mind Divides"  An excellent mantra!!