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Aliveness and Harmony, by Christopher Alexander

FaceBook  On Jan 7, 2014 rohan wrote:

 So beautifully put. Let's not forget however, our uniqueness means experiencing is unique to each individual and is dependent on the quality of the instruments through which experience is garnered/interpreted/felt/embraced/resisted.
Being alive to even a single act of creation is being alive.......through the everyday simple things that we do....not by rejecting them, but by accepting all.....good and bad....and gracefully letting go knowing that you are not the doer.... 


The Call, by Oriah Mountain Dreamer

FaceBook  On Nov 20, 2012 ROHAN wrote:
Joy! Eternal Bliss that spontaneously arises. With eyes opened or closed, behind the dark of the eye lids or the brightness of vision, it knocks at the door of your heart :I am here. I am you. Ever present. I AM LOVE.  

A Whole New Dimension Of Love, by Tenzin Palmo

FaceBook  On Jun 12, 2012 rohan wrote:
 Holding on lightly is an expression of enlightenment, unattached but not uncaring. It expresses  emotional fortitude, strength and security, knowing nothing is permanent. Holding on tightly reflects ignorance of self, hence ignorance of what You are holding on to, an illusion of ownership that leads to insecurity, weakness and sorrows, all the play of the ego since in reality we own nothing, not even this body that we love so much. We are all just temporary keepers.