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Death is Life's Door, by Paul Fleischman

FaceBook  On Feb 6, 2016 Ramesh Narayan wrote:

Well said.....Prakash 


I Awaken Before Dawn, by Helen Moore

FaceBook  On Feb 4, 2016 Ramesh Narayan wrote:

 I feel grateful that I am alive and living. I am grateful that I got an opportunity to read Helen Moore's gratitude to all those connected with bringing the tea to her cup and also to all those made the cup to hold the tea. What I am today is because of my parents, my family, my sister and the innumerable friends and colleagues who I came in contact with, for them having tolerated me and forgiven my mistakes. I am very much grateful to God who is always with me in every part of my life.


Every Seed Carries a Secret, by Angela Fischer

FaceBook  On Feb 3, 2016 Ramesh Narayan wrote:

 Very well said....


Can Beauty Save the World?, by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

FaceBook  On Feb 3, 2016 Ramesh Narayan wrote:

 What did Dostoyevsky mean by Beauty? Beauty is a very relative term. What is beautiful for me might not be so for someone else. Everyone has his or her own definition of beauty. Beautiful eyes, beautiful face, beautiful grace, beautiful body language, beautiful occasion, beautiful nature, beautiful morning, beautiful crowd, beautiful music, beautiful this, beautiful that.....Yes, beauty is certainly a blend of truth, good and many more things that are beautiful.


No Better Place to Meet Yourself, by Moussa Ag Assarid

FaceBook  On Feb 3, 2016 Ramesh Narayan wrote:

 Yes, I strive to enter that space where I can meet myself. In fact, in this modern technologically advanced world, I don't know who am I, where am I going and what I want. I am known to the world by my name, my position and what I possess in material terms.