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Opposite Of Meditation Is Not Action, It's Reaction, by Richard Rohr

FaceBook  On May 21, 2020 Rhea Dsouza wrote:
I really have been savouring thedistinction between saying my prayers..and Being prayerful... Saying the prayers is an Action..and is momentary..Being prayerful is a space to come from ..its a quality of Silence that holds ..other actions....and from a prayerful space..every and any action is ..Holy

Into The Chrysalis, by Chris Corrigan

FaceBook  On Apr 17, 2020 Rhea Dsouza wrote:
Beautiful reflections.... The 'end stage' of the life os a caterpillar in a cocoon is called the Imago..It is teh "Image" of the fully grown butterfly (or nay other adult insect)...IMAGO..incidentally also means a Mirror. ..coincidence???