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The Challenge of Gift-Giving, by Nitin Paranjape

FaceBook  On Nov 23, 2012 Resh wrote:
 I liked the write-up.  It simply gives insight of one more way to look within instead of getting lost in outer world.  It helped me in being more creative then being dependent on readymade things.  I have similar experience with me.. My brother was leaving out of country for work and I wanted to give him Bon Voyage card but getting card and presenting him was a very artificial act so, I prepared it by hand, and I involved all my family members in it, insisting them to write a few words or lines for him and wishing him luck.  I then decorated it with crayon colors, stars, smiley and hearts.  Finally while he was leaving presented him with laminated copy of the card.  He was indeed delighted to see the hand made Good Luck Card.  More so with the wordings handwritten by each of the family member.  Its four years, still he has preserved that and he simply loves it.

Dignity of Restraint, by Thanissaro Bhikkhu

FaceBook  On Jan 16, 2012 Reshmaa wrote:

 Amazing Right up..

Its so true while I live life.. Every day infact every moment I give up something to get something else.. Its all lies in Interest and sometimes attractions.  Being aware of each moment that I live will make life so different and so fruitful.


You Carry Your Wound, by Osho

FaceBook  On Dec 7, 2010 reshmaa wrote:

Thanks Patsy..

Your insight is really good.

Do you mean to say that I should not react to other persons actions and deeds.  Though his actions and deeds are actually hurting me in some way or the other.  I mean I should not react, and just be myself.

God Bless..