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The Fallacy of Togetherness, by Osho

FaceBook  On Jun 16, 2010 Darshni wrote:

Ripa, I really admire your writing and the depth you've taken to really dissect the essence of the article.

Your way of writing is so lucid and thoughtful. I agree with most of it



The Fallacy of Togetherness, by Osho

FaceBook  On Jun 16, 2010 Darshni wrote:

I understand your rational reflection Nikki. But I DO NOT advocate any spiritual leader who talks in the spirit of 'truth" but walks in the spirit of darkness, whilst blinding people on his way. It's disrespect to your soul if you choose the path of delusion, but don't convert 1000s on your way to destruction.

It is imperative to judge, because without scrutiny of what's satya and asatya,  we'll nod our heads every time a charming articulate guru tries to advocate nirvana whilst asphyxiating us in maya.

Truth is ageless and a guru's goal is to dispel darkness. Like Osho himself said, the companionship of fool is not good. Buddha and Osho both scrutinised a fool's behaviour, so who are we to disagree with Bhagwan Rajeesh? 



The Fallacy of Togetherness, by Osho

FaceBook  On Jun 13, 2010 Darshni wrote:

This is coming from a man who sexually exploited devotees' young children and enjoyed a free sex and drugs philosophy.  And yes, you come here alone and you will die alone - as he did when he was substance-abused and gravely ill. You die with your karma here and carry on leaden burdened baggaeg if not solved.

"Remember the companions of fools is not good"

Just because he's well articulated, doesn't mean he's wise - Osho just recyled Hindu and Buddhist wisdom using it to manipulate his own self interests, like attempting to own his city.

The great Buddha said this 1000s of years ago way before this fool came along


Spirituality: The Seed of Social Action, by Vimala Thakar

FaceBook  On Mar 3, 2008 Darshni Dave wrote:
Supun, I hope you're healing from depression and that the path of spirituality is aiding your recovery. I just wanted to say, I really enjoyed reading the excerpt from Bruce Lee's interview - "mind like water", an excellent metaphor. This excerpt was the highlight form me: The elimination of inner disorder takes place in the lives of those who are interested in being truly creative, vital, and passionate whole human beings, and who recognize that inner anarchy, chaos drains energy and manifests in shabby, shoddy behavior in society. To be attentive requires tremendous love of living.

The Greatest Danger Before You, by Granny D

FaceBook  On Nov 20, 2007 Darshni Dave wrote:
By far - one of the most compelling, lively and lucid thought-of-the-week pieces I've read. Coming home in an ecstatic mood, I read this and starting weeping! Because it couldn't be more closer to the truth. I sitting here smiling to myself - happy to know Granny D has the same philosophy to life as me : D Robin Sharma writes in one of his book's : I want people to die at 90 instead of dying at 20 and being buried at 90 To thine ownself be true

Outlasting the Fog, by Mark Nepo

FaceBook  On Sep 25, 2007 Darshni wrote:
I agree with Anoop... well said.