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Willing to Experience our Suffering, by Charlotte Joko Beck

FaceBook  On Dec 24, 2009 R K Sinha wrote:

 What is suffering?As per Hindu Mythology the suffering of present life is basically the result of our past karma.The definition of suffering may be some thing different but is the fact that who he suffers can only imagine the exact meaning of PAIN or HARDSHIP.I always ask from me that why one  child is born in the family of a millionaire and another in a family of beggar the only reason is his PAST that is why we always refer our HOLY BOOK GEETA  which says that your KARMA is your Destiny.


Cultivating An Eagle Mind, by Matthieu Ricard

FaceBook  On Nov 28, 2009 R.K.Sinha wrote:

 Personal ego always comes in between two personalities whether it is mental or physical.The thing which always gives us mental pressure is fear that why  should i be lesser than some body else?All negativities, hate, jealous ,useless and meaningless competition is the root cause of our downward growth which we never introspect.