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Honoring Complexity, Being Rooted in Simplicity, by Richard Powell

FaceBook  On Dec 15, 2008 PRS wrote:
nothing lasts, nothing is finished, and nothing is perfect, when we realise this some thing lasts, some thing gets finished and some thing becomes perfect - we have to experience it, it can not be explained or shown.

The Highest Spiritual Path, by Michael Singer

FaceBook  On Sep 8, 2008 PRS wrote:
I am in total agreement with Mr.Michael Singer. Only I would like to add, when I say I am going to be happy I am postponing my happiness, which may never materialise. Therefore it should be "I am HAPPY". With this unconditional statement / thought one need not bother about any thing, it is "THE BLISS".

Time Shifting vs Time Management, by Stephan Rechtschaffen

FaceBook  On Jul 14, 2008 PRS wrote:
Why we need time management? To achieve our GOAL? Do we really know our GOAL? Once we realise that Happiness is "THE" Goal, then all these modern jargons of management loose their importance. Because all these modern management principles propagate and believe in having more to be Happy, whereas real Happiness lies in being Happy unconditionally, which does not require any thing. Actually it is not having but it is GIVING that enhances Happiness. This, the TEAM Nipun have experienced during their pilgrimage trip. Nipun I envy you dear. May GOD Bless YOU, Guri and your Co travellers in the spiritual journey.

The Secret To Surfing the Waves, by Ani Tenzin Palmo

FaceBook  On Jul 16, 2007 PRS wrote:
Great Message Nipun. Thanks for helping we drifters to catch on to the surf board. It is because of master surfers like you, we get confidence that if we practice we too can surf. May God Bless You in this mission.