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Every Sensation Comes to an End, by J. Krishnamurti

FaceBook  On Jul 29, 2014 PRATIK SHAH wrote:

 True every Sensation comes to an end but every sensation trails sanskar for our soul. Suppose someone near to us says hi I am going to London for fun immediately our sensation activates and jealousy sanskar trail to our soul alas I AM NOT GOING bad luck of me, this sensation will have its own life but creation of sanskar unstoppable. And to get out of  such sensation very difficult for human being and that's why we meditate to purify our soul.    


The Order on the Other Side of Chaos, by Margaret Wheatley

FaceBook  On Jun 24, 2014 PRATIK SHAH wrote:

 Chaos by over loading people and rightly said by J. Krishnamurti division brings conflict and conflict and chaos both creation of human being because of insecurity. We all suffer from insecurity and deep meditation only solution to such condition for each individual. One day entire world will be vaikunth  free from cast, religion, and boundary predicted by BRAHMAKUMARI ( BABA LEKHRAJ )  SATUG WILL COME