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Spiritual Materialism, by Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche

FaceBook  On Jan 15, 2020 Danny Lopez wrote:
This is a great question and I applaud you for having this insight. I have dealt with the same issue and I can't say that I have found an answer either. When sharing with others I often frame it with my intention of first creating or holding a space for peace, silence, awareness and hopefully transformation. I approach it in the most humble way possible and this approach I believe allows me to be open and aware enough to know when and how to share what I have learned as well as receptive to what others have to share and teach me.

Zen Of Archery, by James Clear

FaceBook  On Oct 8, 2019 Danny Lopez wrote:
I was a competitive triathlete for many years and enjoyed the training as well as the races. Over time though the races and my results became less important and fulfilling to me but I never lost the desire and enjoyment of just running, biking and swimming. I have not competed in a triathlon in many years but I still love going on a nice long run in the mountains, jumping into a cold pool and feeling the wind on my face during a long ride. I've learned to love the actions of these activities more and more over the years and am not really interested in how fast or far I can go anymore. The process and enjoyment of it is what interests me most. Once I detached myself from the outcomes everything became more enjoyable and meaningful.

Inner World of Moods, by Patty de Llosa

FaceBook  On Dec 20, 2016 Danny wrote:

 A very thoughtful and timely reading. I agree with the author that once the 'flood gates' are open they are very difficult to shut off. This makes it all the more important to learn to bring mindfulness into our body as soon as we can each day. I believe it begins with trying to wake peacefully and in a spirit of gratitude. Beginning each day with a reflection of gratitude and some gentle movement (walking or stretching) does wonders. Hydrating the body before drinking coffee or eating also helps to re-calibrate our body and mind. Pausing throughout the day is key!


Stepping into the Present Is a Gift , by Carolyn Hobbs

FaceBook  On Aug 5, 2016 Danny wrote:

Dealing with my ego is a daily activity. I agree that it does fear the present. When we are fully present we are naked emotionally and spiritually. We have nothing to clothe ourselves with, not our past successes or failures nor our future hopes, anxieties and dreams. In the present we have the opportunity to be just ourselves and to truly accept and appreciate what is before us and within us. This confuses ego as it continually wants to take us elsewhere. The ability to meditate and just observe this phenomena is the beginning to better understanding and living alongside our ego. Little by little it's hold on us will diminish and our ability to be truly present will become easier and more enjoyable.