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From Transaction To Trust, by Mark Manson

FaceBook  On Jun 3, 2020 Pia wrote:
I agree that acting unconditionally requires faith but I feel at certain times unconditionality works and at others its ok to have some degree of expectations from a relationship. For example in a marriage, you expect your partner to treat you with respect. They won't necessarily behave how you want them to all the time and we should allow them the freedom to live their own paths but in doing so I would expect respect. If they are harmful to us in any way, then I wouldn't agree with still giving respect from our side. This may not be the right way but I feel each situation is different and has to be considered separately. There are times when we have to behave with trust and continue to love//respect/give without expectations, but not always.

To Find Something, Don't Look For It, by Robin Wall Kimmerer

FaceBook  On May 24, 2020 Pia wrote:
Such a beautiful passage. I remember watching an interview between Oprah and Lady Gaga where Lady Gaga said to get answers to questions she would just pray to God for the answer to be revealed, for God to show her how she is meant to serve. I am very much at a cross road now where I am looking for answers as to how I am meant to serve and find purpose outside of home. My first instinct is to make lists and talk to people but this reading has reminded me that I may find what I'm looking for by not searching and being open to messages that may show up. Thank you for some clarity.