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Mother Trees In A Wood Wide Web, by Suzanne Simard

FaceBook  On Oct 5, 2021 Patrick wrote:
Trees of course have no sense of human gender, some even carry the "male" and "female" together both physically and spiritually. We have given our trees names for the purpose of conversing with them, but again, gender looses its meaning when conversing with trees. Why even giant Aidan, the 300+\- year old Oak is certainly a "mother tree" having nurtured both humans and animal neighbors for three centuries.

}:- a.m.
anonemoose monk

Difference Between Healing and Curing, by Michael Lerner, PhD

FaceBook  On Oct 2, 2021 Patrick wrote:
Wounded healers help others see the difference between home (this world) and our true Home in Divine LOVE, in this way inner healing occurs and surpasses cure. }:- a.m.

A Life On The Ground, by Parker Palmer

FaceBook  On Sep 21, 2021 Patrick wrote:
Such a vitally, life-saving perspective on the deep, dark nights of the soul in depression. I have been one of the fortunate ones to experience the spiritual depth and hence life of this "grounding", including ending my own life. We must share this truth, this love, as "wounded healers". }:- a.m.

We Are All Beggars, by Chaz Howard

FaceBook  On Sep 14, 2021 Patrick wrote:
Henri Nouwen wrote often of the notion of "wounded healers", those who knowing the bottom chose to be healing presence rather than respond in anger and violence.

We Actually Never Experience 'It', by Culadasa

FaceBook  On Aug 31, 2021 Patrick wrote:
And thus, our true fullness in humanity is not realized until the ego self dies, or to put it in another sense, until we experience emptiness, nothingness. Mystics of perennial tradition and various religions have known this and tried to express it for others, but each must experience it on their own.

}:- a.m. anonemoose monk

Response Is Different From An Answer, by Ariel Burger

FaceBook  On Aug 30, 2021 Patrick wrote:
Timely and thank you. 🙏🏽♥️

Four B's Of Resilience And Worth, by Saul Levine

FaceBook  On Aug 17, 2021 Patrick wrote:
Keys to abundant life and simple contentment-- }:- a.m.

Who Me, Stealing?, by Constance Habash

FaceBook  On Jul 27, 2021 Patrick wrote:
Even more subtle is the form of stealing (asteya) called appropriating or co-opting. While we should indeed learn and apply what others have to teach us, we must first acknowledge the giver, then apply the knowledge so gifted in new ways. }:- a.m.

Heart Is Not About Emotions, by Cynthia Bourgeault

FaceBook  On Jul 6, 2021 Patrick wrote:
Only the heart can truly hear, and it is in silence and solitude that this is most possible. }:- a.m.

Path With Heart, by Jack Kornfield

FaceBook  On Jun 1, 2021 Patrick wrote:
In my 70's I have come to see that it is in silence and solitude firstly that we are enabled to walk in our hearts and love others. For in silence and solitude we simply practice the presence of Divine LOVE from Whom we emanate. }:- a.m

A Fixed Place To Stand, by Richard Rohr

FaceBook  On May 18, 2021 Patrick wrote:
A "fixed place to stand" is not achieved by striving, but only in complete surrender to Divine LOVE. It is the "emptiness" (kenosis) of Buddhism and the like. }:- a.m.

See The Universe In A Sunflower, by Thich Nhat Hanh

FaceBook  On May 4, 2021 Patrick wrote:
Nhat Hanhis physically deteriorating in his last years as he prepares to walk on, but his life has spoken well of love. }:- a.m.

Blessing For The Longest Night, by Jan Richardson

FaceBook  On Apr 27, 2021 Patrick wrote:
In a similar sense, to be lost is to discover a new way as Bayo Akomolafe has written.

Blessing For The Longest Night, by Jan Richardson

FaceBook  On Apr 27, 2021 Patrick wrote:
To breathe the breath of God first requires an emptying that we may draw in slowly and deeply to fill the space that is left. }:- a.m.

Rich Man And The Beggar, by Hindu Parable (Author Unknown)

FaceBook  On Apr 20, 2021 Patrick wrote:
Ah grace, it is a beautiful, mysterious thing. }:- a.m.

Invisibility In A Time Of Transparency, by Akiko Busch

FaceBook  On Apr 6, 2021 Patrick wrote:
In my later years and especially this season (>70) I am living into a word Divine LOVE (God) gave me when I asked -- "obscurity". It is in silence and solitude that I "know" all is indeed well, as Lady Julian found in the same way. She cloistered herself as an "anchorite", I find this place off in the wild or even in my own backyard. For the truth is it is more a spiritual posture or attitude than a geographical space or place. Great Mystery revealed and yet impossible to express in human language or words.

}:- a.m. "en Christo"

Ambiguity Of Violence, by Robert Sapolsky

FaceBook  On Mar 30, 2021 Patrick wrote:
Robert Sapolsky is an amazing human being and neuroscientist.

He is also one of many scientists who profess to be atheists. I suspect that attitude is due mostly to “bad” religion? I might also suggest that most atheists are actually agnostic, especially the scientists. Even Einstein knew he didn’t know.

Having abandoned religion myself during college, I “returned” later though with a very different perspective on spirituality. I have remained a scientist through it all.

Ambiguity Of Violence, by Robert Sapolsky

FaceBook  On Mar 30, 2021 Patrick wrote:
It is true that behind most if not all human evil is brokenness.
That said, we must exercise great caution and compassion when confronting it.

}:- a.m. (anonemoose monk)

A Higher Level Of Conscious Engagement, by James O'dea

FaceBook  On Mar 23, 2021 Patrick wrote:
"Both/And" is the key and of course it starts with our own selves. #transformation #change
}:- a.m.

Two Drops Of Oil, by Paulo Coelho

FaceBook  On Mar 16, 2021 Patrick wrote:
Always observing yet never forgetting. This is The Journey we call life. }:- a.m.

Thirsty For Wonder, by Mirabai Starr

FaceBook  On Mar 9, 2021 Patrick wrote:
Ah, green pastures and quiet waters. And I'm reminded of Rumi -- "Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I'll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass the world is too full to talk about."

The False Dichotomy Between Being And Doing, by Rob Burbea

FaceBook  On Mar 2, 2021 Patrick wrote:
There is muchcould say here, but words often confuse. As we engage in a "pod" concerning water, we are learning that surrender to "flow" is often the best or only way through, the only way of truly "seeing".

Solitude Is Where Community Begins, by Henri Nouwen

FaceBook  On Jan 26, 2021 Patrick wrote:
Henri is as usual delightful here, and the wonderful image of the dervish too.

The Moment We Encounter True Happiness, by Ilie Cioara

FaceBook  On Dec 15, 2020 Patrick wrote:
I often dismiss with my mantra when outside and simply listen as I let my mind empty. It has become easier in my 70th year.

The Three Narratives, by Joanna Macy

FaceBook  On Nov 10, 2020 Patrick wrote:
Reminds me greatly of Macy's dear friend Richard Rohr and his Widom Pattern of order, disorder, reorder.

Learning How To Think, by William Deresiewicz

FaceBook  On Sep 22, 2020 Patrick wrote:
Ah but we all (women and men) aren't necessarily effective or efficient when we are being pulled in many different directions. Better to do one thing at a time well, then move on the next. Even busy homemakers ("mister moms" too) discover this truth.

Learning How To Think, by William Deresiewicz

FaceBook  On Sep 22, 2020 Patrick wrote:
As Curly in the film City Slickers said, "One thing." ☝🏼

Movie Of Me, Now Playing 24 Hours A Day, by Krishna Das

FaceBook  On Sep 15, 2020 Patrick wrote:
It’s all part of “belonging” — simply sit with it, hold it, then let it hold you. }:- a.m. “en Christo” #TUC

The Broken Piano In 1975, by Marti Leimbach

FaceBook  On Sep 8, 2020 Patrick wrote:
Sit with this, hold it, let it speak something else to you.

The Broken Piano In 1975, by Marti Leimbach

FaceBook  On Sep 8, 2020 Patrick wrote:
My all time favorite piano piece as well. Jarret not only made do with the old piano, but they thrived and created something perhaps "better" and beautifully new. We can do the same with everything life hands us. }:- a.m.

Glory And Terror Of It, by Irina Tweedie

FaceBook  On Sep 1, 2020 Patrick wrote:
“Let everything happen to you: beauty and terror.” ~Rilke~

Glory And Terror Of It, by Irina Tweedie

FaceBook  On Sep 1, 2020 Patrick wrote:
“Oh no dear one, he’s not safe, but he is good.” Mr. Beaver

There is more good going on than we can see, and in it, in Divine LOVE, we are far richer than we know. }:- a.m.

The Wisdom Of Uncertainty, by Jack Kornfield

FaceBook  On Aug 25, 2020 Patrick wrote:
The mystics and poets of every good faith tradition know this truth and have tried as best they can to express it, most often simply in their own lives when words are inadequate. }:- a.m.

Four Types Of Listening, by Otto Scharmer

FaceBook  On Jun 16, 2020 Patrick wrote:
The first three use our ears and brain (mind), but I would suggest that the fourth is “heart listening”, when the mind drops or centers down into the deep of “heart” where words and explanations disappear and only divine knowledge is left. }:- a.m.

The River Cannot Go Back, by Kahlil Gibran

FaceBook  On May 26, 2020 Patrick wrote:
And so it is with Divine LOVE (God by any other name), by entering into LOVE we become one with LOVE, and discover from whence we came in the first place. T.S. Eliot expressed this as well in Little Gidding. }:- a.m. (anonemoose monk)

What Can You Trust?, by Doug Powers

FaceBook  On May 12, 2020 Patrick wrote:
It was meant to read "depths" of our hearts, but I suppose there is a dying as well that must happen, the false self or ego?

What Can You Trust?, by Doug Powers

FaceBook  On May 12, 2020 Patrick wrote:
It is a good article for as far as it goes. It leaves us to wrestle with the questions ourselves. For me personally, and many who have been brought to their knees, it is about finding trust within the deaths of our hearts, wherein Divine LOVE "speaks" to us. We must start there, with ourselves.

Life May Itself Be A Koan, by Rachel Naomi Remen

FaceBook  On May 6, 2020 Patrick wrote:
I love the notion of the koan for it is ultimate truth that requires our holy surrender. It is often in this surrender to the unknown that things become known, that truth reveals itself. But we must put striving aside to come to it.

Einstein noted that problems can not be solved with the same mindset that created them. My son, an astrophysicist and professor, likes to say, "Things are impossible until they're not."

}:- a.m. (anonemoose monk)

The Call, by Oriah Mountain Dreamer

FaceBook  On Apr 1, 2020 Patrick wrote:
Lover of all souls.

Meditation: A Process Of Retraining The Mind, by Bhante Gunaratna

FaceBook  On Dec 31, 2019 Patrick wrote:
For those of us who follow a “Christian” path, this is the contemplative way to become “en Christo”, one with Universal Christ. It is of course similar to states alluded to in other faith paths. }:- a.m. (anonemoose monk)

Opening Thy Palm, by Rabindranath Tagore

FaceBook  On Jul 23, 2019 Patrick Perching Eagle wrote:
“To give is perhaps the greatest gift we can receive.” }:- ♥️ anonemoose monk, proverbs on the hoof

Greatest Of All Religions, by Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan

FaceBook  On Jul 16, 2019 Patrick Perching Eagle wrote:
The greatest of all religions is of course not “religion” at all. And the “study” of life will always be ultimately about relationships, relationships of all kinds because everything is connected. }:- ♥️ anonemoose monk

Do You Direct Your Mind Or Does Your Mind Direct You?, by Yogi Bhajan

FaceBook  On May 14, 2019 Patrick Perching Eagle wrote:
If the mind controls the will and we have nothing else, we are in big trouble! But in “centering down” the mind into the “heart” we bring it under the influence of Divine LOVE. Therein the mind is informed, even transformed and thus the will. }:- ❤️🙏🏼 anonemoose monk

It Doesn't Matter If You Believe In It, by Kazu Haga

FaceBook  On Feb 19, 2019 Patrick Perching Eagle wrote:
At the Center of the Universe, of all things, is a Relationship — Divine LOVE, the Source of Beloved Community from which all things emanate. This is perennial Truth that mystics, indigenous people, and most faith traditions hold as common knowledge. }:- ❤️ anonemoose monk

No Rush, No Dawdle: The Secret Of Proper Timing, by Tom Maxwell

FaceBook  On Oct 30, 2018 Patrick wrote:

 “Mindfulness” is simply being present to what is. Not necessarily an easy state of mind and body to reach especially in our highly distracted technological and secular age.  The truth of mindfulness is a perennial truth that contemplatives have known for centuries and tried to “practiced”.  It is the emptying of nothingness of Buddhism, the “centering down” of Christianity, and other “practices” among the religious.


Bedrock On Which We All Stand, by J. Krishnamurti

FaceBook  On Aug 28, 2018 anonemoose monk wrote:

 "There are no perfect people or institutions, only the struggle to be whole."  Richard Rohr


If we can seek Divine LOVE (God by any other name), we may be enabled to rise above the brokenness and begin The Journey toward wholeness and Home.  }:- ❤️




"The Spirit of Truth can produce this kind of fruit in us: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control."  (from a letter to Galatia, a "moosage version")


It is increasingly sad how in this secular age we try to explain goodness aside from (God) Divine LOVE.  As if broken humanity has the capacity for goodness aside from inner healing by LOVE.  Yet, I do understand as religion has done much harm in the world.  }:- 💔>❤️



Communication As Mutual Entrainment, by Ursula LeGuin

FaceBook  On Jul 24, 2018 Patruck Watters wrote:

 Face to face dialog (listening) is the beginning of peace.  }:- ❤️ anonemoosecmonk and Thich Nhat Hanh too 😍


Somehow I'm Always Held, by Jeff Foster

FaceBook  On Jun 12, 2018 Patrick Watters wrote:

 "Somehow" yes, I have known this too.  Now closing in on 70 years, I have found deep Truth in some of the meditations of Richard Rohr, his book titled Falling Upward is applicable in a holy way.  }:- ❤️ Patrick Perching Eagle (aka anonemoose monk)