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Thought Power, by Swami Sivananda

FaceBook  On Nov 3, 2009 parijat wrote:

I really enjoy the postings. This one is interesting as an example of the older style of teaching -- this is how it is. It's simple get it done. It can give hope because it is so clear; alternately, is it really that simple?

I have been curious about Barbara Ehrenrich's new book "Bright-Sided," which challenges positive thinking and the idea that if you change your thoughts you change your experience. She critiques that whole idea -- hard core. Thoughts?


Be With the Storms, by Sri Sri Ravishankar

FaceBook  On May 19, 2009 parijat wrote:

I appreciate this and many of your postings -- but is it possible to list or even link to the source? It's helpful that you provide excerpts for a quick morning read, but often I want to read more of the piece or learn more about the author.