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Love Your Path, by Paolo Coelho

FaceBook  On Mar 31, 2009 param wrote:

i dont know what's the effect of this article on te readers but this article is send by god to me . so, 1st thanks God i always beleived that U ARE THERE and in some way U are there guiding itss i sometimme unable to read U. now, i am going to walk in a new path for my carrier and also my life. social sector. i will remember U all my path.                           and  thanks to the site for the article whish is not just article to me.                                                 


The Phenomenon of Boredom, by MJ Ryan

FaceBook  On Mar 22, 2009 param wrote:
its really very nice to get the phenomenan of boredom. i too feel that its all from the mind. its just an experience. if we play it, there will be no labeling.only thing is to be aware in the present so that everything is new and interesting.