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Clinging Causes the Pain, by Tenzin Palmo

FaceBook  On Oct 13, 2009 marsha wrote:

I agree with Tenzin Palmo's words...I have seen them to be true in life.  At the same time, welcoming in pain and being compassionate towards ourselves and others when we or they experience it can lead us to having an alturistic mind filled with least that has been my experiene.  When love without attachment appears, the clinging ceases.  Aversion to clinging can also be a mind set...


If You Really Pay Attention, by Paula Underwood

FaceBook  On Sep 22, 2009 marsha wrote:

this is lovely.  it reflects the state of "bodhichitta" ~ altruistic mind - to just be present, truly present with someone else.  it does not require "fixing", just being with the other, truly.


The Endurance to Observe, by Paul Fleischman

FaceBook  On Jul 7, 2009 marsha wrote:

I think about death every day.  It helps me take the long view of things.  I really appreciated Paul's passage.  It was timely in that I have a draft email sitting in a folder for the last few days, deciding if I should send it or not.  I decided to let it "sit" and see what unfolded as the days passed.  I will not be sending it.  Sometimes waiting...sitting, as Paul put it, gives us a chance to take the long view rather than the short view, which may include reacting rather than responding.

A favorite quote by Tagore's:  Death is not extinguishing the Light.  It is putting out the Lamp because the Dawn has come."

Thank you.


Technique is Unimportant, by Leigh Hyams

FaceBook  On Mar 11, 2008 marsha wrote:
I work with an incredibly creative and open spirited accountant - so I think "painting" a tapestry of our lives can happen in any profession, including accounting!

Living at the Right Speed, by Carl Honore

FaceBook  On Feb 6, 2007 Marsha wrote:
This reminds me of the Taoist principle of "wu wei" ~ Action in the inaction and inaction in the action" ~